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Here are a few tips on how to make a compelling, Top 10 WinePost.
Being personal is the best way to start. Let's say you need to get across the simplicity of your box wine. Well, don't break out the French or Italian, bub!
Next, share a photo, or a video. It let's everyone see a more personal style.
That's all there is to it. Oh, remember you may only add up to 25 wines for each WinePost.

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Cantina Bostonia - To Your Health!

While wine has long been recognized for its health benefits, many individuals have avoided the beverage due to winemakers use of sulfites as a preserving additive. Sulfites protect wine from oxidization and spoilage allowing wine to age and grow in complexity. Sulfites do however cause serious allergy problems for some people and in our ever growing health conscious society, many are weary preservatives added to anything that they consume...

Enter Cantina Bostonia. Founded in 2004 by winemaker Rudolfo Canale, Cantina Bostonia is one of the few wineries anywhere that produces its wine without adding sulfites. Canale had worked at his craft for years before opening his winery as the high degree of difficulty in producing quality wine without adding sulfites makes it a unwieldy challenge. Judging by the success of Cantina Bostonia today, Canale has done very well to achieve a healthy and high quality wine that is also surprisingly affordable.

We visited Cantina Bostonia at its home in Jamaica Plain and spoke at length with Canale about his background (an Italian winemaker who shunned wine for 15 years?), how he purchases and selects his grapes, and of course his wine itself which we sampled in various stages from barrel to glass.

And if you feel inclined before or after viewing our segment ( head down to Cantina Bostonia (30A Germania Street, Jamaica Plain, MA) where you can buy a bottle of wine directly from Canale, a wonderful man who considers his customers as friends. Cheers!
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