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Here are a few tips on how to make a compelling, Top 10 WinePost.
Being personal is the best way to start. Let's say you need to get across the simplicity of your box wine. Well, don't break out the French or Italian, bub!
Next, share a photo, or a video. It let's everyone see a more personal style.
That's all there is to it. Oh, remember you may only add up to 25 wines for each WinePost.

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Best bottle of wine you have ever had

What is the BEST BOTTLE of wine that you have EVER HAD? To set some parameters, best red >$100, best red <$100, best white.

I will start:
Best red >$100 1982 La Mission Haut-Brion
Bed red <$100 2007 Black Kite Angel Hawk Reserve
Best White 1997 Peter Michael Point Rouge
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jwelch666 commented (4 years ago)
1990 Margaux.I've had it 3 times, the first in 1997. Very good, but too young. Like a beautiful teenage girl one could begin to imagine how lovely she would be when mature. But in 2005, after being opened 4 hours, it exploded in nose and flavor and every possible dimension -- a religious experience.
VinoDeparture commented (4 years ago)
Cosign with GoW on the Ancient Way. Opened another bottle last night and was blown away! Also have to agree with Salzman on the Haut Brion. Love my La Mission but they are both super duper delicious. And finally have to cosign again with GoW on the Dancing Hares as it is another personal favorite. Love the comments on the thread guys, thanks for weighing in with your comments.
Andrew Salzman commented (4 years ago)
Clearly the 1989 haut brion was my finest bottle tasted 2006 at Jean Georges in New York. Edged out my prior favorite, 1986 Mouton. The Haut Brion was perfect bordeaux on classic haut brion style.
bakerbard commented (4 years ago)
Best red - 1999 Brunello di Montalcino Casanova di Neri Tenuta Nuova- Simply stunning! White- Probably 1990 Capo Martino Friuli blend. My first taste of this wine, in Pisa, and it blew me away!
GrapesofWrath commented (4 years ago)
Best red >$100: 2007 Hundred Acre Ancient Way Shiraz (just had last month and it blew my mind) or Jonata El Desafio (amazing and a really great value at the lower end of this price range) or Shafer HSS 2001... too many great pricey wines to choose from Best red <$100 2005 Dancing Hares is just above $100 and was absolutlely stunning or Williams Selyem Rochioli pinot in just about any vintage (last had the 2004) definitely fits and was (love the Angel Hawk too, BTW!) Best White: Really like the Relic "The Sage" and definitely can't disagree with you on the PM whites (although I have not tried the Point Rouge yet)
Year, Name, Varietal, Country, Region, Appellation, Color Drink dates Score(s)  
Mission Haut-Brion - La Chapelle de la Mission Haut-Brion
1982 Mission Haut-Brion - La Chapelle de la Mission Haut-Brion
Red Bordeaux Blend
France - Bordeaux - Pessac Leognan
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Peter Michael - Point Rouge
1997 Peter Michael - Point Rouge
White Chardonnay
USA - California - Sonoma
IWC ...
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Black Kite - Pinot Noir Angel Hawk Reserve
2007 Black Kite - Pinot Noir Angel Hawk Reserve
Red Pinot Noir
USA - California - Mendocino - Anderson Valley
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