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The Acker BYOB Party 35 wines in 3.5 hours

Acker holds an annual holiday celebration which is a large gathering (somewhere north of 100 people, divided into tables based on the wines they bring. The table shares their wine and people walk from table to table pouring galsses and getting glasses poured.

First lets deal with our own table.  I think the California Cabs and Bordeaux did not get the best shake as they were not paired with foods and therefore I probably am underscoring them, but it is what I tasted.

1994 Steinmetz Braunburger Juffer Reisling Auslese.  A nose of kerosene and burnt rubber but lemonade and bright in the mouth.  Nice for a taste, but not a glass and never a bottle.  I just am not a fan of Alsatians except for dessert

2000 Marcassin Chardonnay Upper Barn.  An explosion of new creamy oak .  Like cream soda and wood.  A sip was too much.

1999 Drouhin Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche.  Although it was too warm, it remains a gorgeous wine.  Toasted oak frames the nose of crisp fruit and bacon fat and in the mouth it is luscious with apples and peaches and long, long finish.  95

1971 Faiveley Nuit Saint Georges Les Pruliers.  No nose for 20 minutes and then it started to show.  But in the mouth it was very fresh, completely resolved, smoky, earthy and really delightful.  A treat.  91

1990 Mommessin Clos de Tart.  Really brought it.  Best bottle I have had.  Less smoky than usual but big, rich cherry energy with peppercorns.  95

1985 Lopez de Heredia Todonia Grand Reserve Corked

1976 Lopez de Heredia Bosconia Grand Reserve  Cooked.  I have not had a good bottle of this yet.

1990 Solaia.  Still very tannic and young at 20.  90 minutes was not enough time to aerate so hard for me to judge.  Got cedar, pine nuts and liqueur behind the tannins.  90-94

1995 Ducru Beaucaillou. Dark ruby with a nose dark berries and very easy, smooth and nice, but not big in the mouth. Did not compare to the 82.  90

1989 Lynch Bages.  Graphite, lead pencil, smoked meats, completely integrated, easily topped the 1990.  93

1990 Lynch Bages.  Richer than the 89, but sweeter and less integrated with a slightly alcoholic finish.  90

1982 Talbot.  Beautiful, very young tasting but very drinkable, dark color, a nose of black fruits tempered with something earthy.  Vibrant and very nice.  93+

1982 Gruaud Larose.  A slightly musty under-taste could not hide the fact that this is a phenomenally big, explosive wine of great concentration and complexity.  93-96

1993 Shaffer Hillside Select. Dark purple, intense, but to me it is not well integrated. OK, but not a delight.  89

1997 Quintarelli Amarone.  This was a totally different experience from my last tasting.  Did not have the power or richness.  Still it was very nice, well balanced but blind, I would not have known it.  90

I tasted an additional 20 wines from others at the BYOB as people walk the room exchanging wines and pouring for friends.

1989 Haut Brion.  Jon Kapon brought this over to the table joking it was a rebottled Lafite.  The group consensus was an 85.  When he told us later it was the legendary 89, no one was sure whether he was joking or not.  It was nice but did not bowl me over as I would expect if it was the 89. 93

1985 Haut Brion.  Beautiful HB, elegant like the 79, but perhaps smoother, but without the size and power of the 90.  93

1990 Montrose.  Huge, very concentrated, tannins still very present but a powerful wine that can be drunk now and will be better and better later. 95

1966 Latour.  Still dark and young looking.  Dark fruits and leather and something nutty with the tannins still quite evident.  Very nice.  94

1990 Mortet Chambertin.  This was superb, intense fruit, well balanced and long finish.  94

2001 Solaia.  I think this will be better than the 1990 eventually and was easier to perceive the power behind the tannins.  Needs 20 years.  91-94

93 Meo Camuzet Clos De Vougeot.  Rich, earthy , long and totally integrated. 92

1999 Raveneau Chablis Les Clos.  Really nice epitome of Chablis.  Perhaps a little tight, but crisp apples on the attack, a lush mid palate and a smooth rich, long finish.  Very worthwhile.  93

1993 Lignier Clos De Roche.  I continue to love Ligniers CDR.  Class, power, richness all combine to provide a decadent elegance.   94

1993 Roumier Les Amourouses.  I was surprised at how young and tight this was, but it has bright cherries, elegance, reasonable complexity and length.  Try again in 2013. 90-92

1993 Roumier Bonnes Mares.  Tight, tart and young.  Earthy with black fruits and the high acidity you expect in a 93. Try again in 2013. 92-95

1988 Rostaing Cote Rotie was all bacon fat and smoke mixed with dark fruits.  Very nice.  90

1984 Ridge Montebello. Really good, meaty nose with a smooth, rich taste and luscious mouth-feel.  93

1999 Mouton. Nose of coffee and espresso with dark fruits and in the mouth its young, earthy, woody with strong tannins an needs plenty of time.  90-92

2007 Hemlock Hills. This is a wine made to order for the guys I was sitting with.  I found it super sweet and young.  They were suitably offended

2005 Sin qua non 2V.  Cough Medicine.  80

1985 Roty Mazy Chambertin.  Bright, herbaceous and short.  Same as the bottle in my cellar. 87

1984 Kathryn Kennedy Cabernet.  No notes

2002 Drouhin Clos de Beze.  Big , rich earthy tastes with undernote of kirsch.  Surprisingly accessible.  93

1986 Yquem.  Uncompromisingly delicious.  Phenomenally concentrated, long, long, long.  98  Perfect ending.
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