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The Acker BYOB Party 35 wines in 3.5 hours by Ricknat1
Acker holds an annual holiday celebration which is a large...
11534 views Created Dec 16, 2009
1993 Burgundy Dinner at Gramercy Tavern with Steve Tanzer by Ricknat1
Last night I attended a dinner at the Gramercy Tavern with Steve Tanzer...
10576 views Created Dec 9, 2009
Everyone Could Use a Little Sparkle... by Bernadette
I love the holidays.  The crisp winter air, the music, the family,...
8758 views Created Dec 29, 2009

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The Joys of Thanksgiving and the Sharing of Good Wine by rjblanton
I dearly love the times we gather as family and friends in celebration of...
32 views Created Nov 28, 2014
Wine and the Art of Existential Connections by rjblanton
A good man and his family recently moved from Chicago to the house across...
53 views Created Nov 8, 2014
Life on the Road Should Always be This Good! by rjblanton
You simply have to love it when friends and work associates gather around...
124 views Created Sep 18, 2014


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Everyone Could Use a Little Sparkle... by Bernadette
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I love the holidays.&nbsp; The crisp winter air, the music, the family,...

7 wines
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My New Italian Love Affair by Bernadette
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I love Italian food, but I know absolutely nothing about Italian...

5 wines
2009 Wine & Spirits Top 100 by Bernadette
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The annual Wine &amp; Spirits Top 100 event sends many oenophiles into a...

0 wines
Bernadette 's Wishlist by Bernadette
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7 wines
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