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1991 Dominus
Drank with Sergio and Tui. Decanted about 2-3 hours. This bottle may have had some heat damage, did not show nearly as well as previous bottle last year (95pts). Finish was a bit abrupt and showed signs of seepage from truck delivery. Stil was very full and very big. Lovely cassis and minerality. Very old world style, best CA for me. If finish came around would have put in the A rank, but for now will not rate as think the wine is better than this bottle showed.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2008)

1996 Chapoutier - Ermitage Le Pavillon
Drank with Pum and Kamon at the Pullman. Was a bit tight upon opening, but after about 2 hours in the decanter opened beautifully. Very full bodied, rich and dense without sweetness. Dark cherry essence lingered for ages on finish. Loved this.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2008)

2002 Alto Moncayo - Aquilon
Wow, really over the top, too much everything. This one was hard to swallow. Guess I lean more towards old world, not my style. Perhaps a few more years in the bottle will help, but I can't see how.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2008)

1998 Ornellaia - Masseto
Tasted along with the 1995. This was a complete let down. More alcohol, meaning more modern style. Lacked balance and complexity, some merlot flavor. For the price of this bottle am horrified. The 95 was excellent, and 95pt merlot, this one, can't pass 90.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2008)

1990 Leoville Poyferre
Can't say enough good things about this bottle. Decanted 2 hours and it was gushing, in a very elegant way. Long finish, great balance, buy more.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2008)

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