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2001 Chateau Potelle - Chardonnay VGS
At the end of its drinkable life, but still very good. Color is straw yellow. Hints of butterscotch on the nose. It's lost a little of the fruitiness, but it's still buttery and smooth. Not bad for a gal this old.

(Tasted Mar 8, 2012)

2010 Campoferro Moscato d'Asti
Typical Moscato d'Asti appearance; pale yellow/gold with classic frizzante bubbles. The nose, to me, is a little "manufactured." I get notes of green apple sucker and skittles candies. On the palette this wine is unremarkable. It's sweet and enjoyable, but very one-dimensional. There are better examples of this wine for the price.

(Tasted Feb 25, 2012)

1993 Lauretan
For a relatively inexpensive Bordeaux from a relatively poor vintage, this wine surprised me. Spicy notes of oak and plum on the nose. The color shows a bit of browning due to age. The wine has medium weight on the palette. The fruit has faded, but has been replaced by caramel and coffee. Won't last much longer, so drink it now.

(Tasted Feb 20, 2012)

2010 Wilson Vineyard The Crusher Big Orange White Blend
What to say about this wine? It's... interesting. The color is, well, a bit orange in hue. The nose smells faintly of petrol and vinegar (faulty perhaps?). On the palette there's not much fruit, but it's medium bodied, dry and somewhat tannic from the maceration. Definitely like nothing else you've ever drank. I don't think this will ever win a lot of fans, but it went well with our tuna steaks.

(Tasted Feb 19, 2012)

NV Mumm Napa - Brut Rose Santana
Excellent bubbles. Nice pale pink hue. The nose is fruity and yeasty. On the palette this wine is crisp and refreshing. I taste ripe cherries and strawberries. Just the very faintest hint of sweetness, but the overall impression is dry. It's a very solid effort from this reputable producer. Would buy again.

(Tasted Feb 14, 2012)

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