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2002 Lucien Le Moine - Bonnes Mares

(Tasted Jun 24, 2009)

2006 Orin Swift - The Prisoner
This style of wine is definitely not my cup of tea. I am guessing it carries .75 RS. It has a stated 15.2% alcohol and fruit that pounds you like a Mike Tyson punch. I think these "fruit forward" wines will be looked back on as we do ML, flabby, over-oaked Chardonnays. This wine is for the novice who thinks they are stepping up to more a sophisticated wine. "Hey, I can actually taste something!" Wow!

(Tasted Jun 23, 2009)

2005 Shea - Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard Estate
I have wanted to truly cheer for Oregon Pinot for a long time and now I have a reason. This is the best Oregon Pinot I've tried. And I have tried most of the big names, which have left me, more often than not, underwhelmed. The Shea/Shea is a beautifully woven quilt of blueberries, cherries and cranberries that wraps around you and keeps you feeling enamored right through the long, symphonic finish.

(Tasted Jun 23, 2009)

2003 Piancornello - Brunello di Montalcino
A gentlemanly Sangiovese decked out in a frock coat & cravat pin. Hints of both spiced Scharffen Berger chocolate and subtle vanilla. Plummy fruit, complex, but still friendly. Like a rich uncle - be nice to him now and you will find a payoff in the future.

(Tasted Mar 25, 2009)

2008 Cucao - PX
A dry rendering of Pedro Ximenez? Que milagro! Indeed. Light, crisp and delicate. I can't help but think of enjoying this wine with nuts, olives and patatas bravas; perhaps this wine brings out the gypsy in me. A great conversation starter wine and perfect "ringer" for your next blind tasting. Even more perfect at $10.

(Tasted Jun 20, 2009)

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