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2008 Andrew Will - Red Champoux Vineyard
Consumed over two days. Decanted for three hours the first day. Not much going on. More enjoyable the second day without losing much fruit. This definitely needs a few years. I don't feel like the experience on day two was worth opening at this point in it's life. Sorry I didn't give more detailed notes. Score based on potential, the stuffing is definitely there.

(Tasted Oct 8, 2013)

2006 Glaetzer - Anaperenna
Decanted for one hour. Consumed over the next two hours. Big, lush fruits right off the start. The first hour of drinking was hot and disjointed. Some of the fruit and gaminess came through, but it was hard to get past the alcohol. The second hour it settled down a little bit with the heat subsiding allowing a little more enjoyment. The last sips I took after three hours of opening were the best. I think this will improve with time. The first impression was very good and the ingredients are there for an enjoyable wine, it just need time with air. I would decant for a few hours before drinking.

(Tasted Oct 4, 2013)

2002 Moet & Chandon - Dom Perignon
Popped to celebrate the first day home with our new twin babies! This a brute of a champagne right now. I enjoyed the full, fruity palate. Improved with air time and a little warm up.

(Tasted Jul 24, 2013)

2007 Shafer - Cabernet Sauvignon Hillside Select
Drank over a three day period celebrating our first children born, a boy and a girl! Intoxicating aroma upon opening. Huge lush nose, blueberries, smoke, spice & a touch floral. The palate is much the same. Large scaled wine with just enough tannin and fruit to balance the alcohol. The second day is more of the same with a little less fruit. Third day is just beautiful lush dark fruits with less tannin showing. I preferred the wine on the third day. This is a huge wine that needs plenty of time.

(Tasted Jul 23, 2013)

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