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rdalehite 93

2006 Edge Hill - Mixed Blacks Field Blend
A very nice wine from the Leslie Rudd crew. Nose of spices and vanilla, lots of big fruit here but not overwhelming. Let open for 45 minutes before tasted. There was a slight hint of big Zin/Syrah but i think that's to be expected in the type of fruit blended into this wine. Had with steak.

(Tasted Mar 10, 2015)

rdalehite 93

2005 Cayuse - Flying Pig
Had against a 2005 Rudd Estate wine. In comparison this wine came up short against the Rudd. Very nice nose of deep fruit; however, a bit jammy to the tongue and a Austrailian Shiraz style finish. I liked the wine but was expecting more for the reputation and the price. Was open for an hour before drinking and just didn't mellow or calm down.

(Tasted Mar 7, 2015)

rdalehite 98

2005 Rudd - Oakville Estate Red
This is the best Rudd Estate I've ever had. In perfect shape for drinking. Very old/musty but deep rich layered fruit on the nose. Blackberry, pencil shaving and sawdust as well. Lovely, rich, dense to the tongue and a long finish. Just a stunning wine from Leslie Rudd and co. Glad I have more.

(Tasted Mar 9, 2015)

rdalehite 96

1982 Cos d'Estournel
Wonderful wine had at a pre-1990 Bordeaux dinner. Compared to Lynch Bages (same year and 1989) and Pevac (82 and 86) this wine was a winner. Lots of dust and earth to the nose this wine kept opening up hour after hour. Had with scallops, ham, and beef shoulder. Deep, rich, ruby to the eye, notes of floral grass and graphite on the taste. Long finish. Wonderful

(Tasted Feb 24, 2015)

rdalehite 88

2005 Au Grand Paris
Received as a gift 5 years ago, finally opening. I know this is not a great French wine but it actually is holding up well and I had a decent experience with it. Moderate nose of nice floral rose bouquet. While light on texture and overall flavors were lacking there was a evenness to this wine. Deep red cherries, graphite. Light/mild finish.

(Tasted Jan 21, 2015)

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