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I enjoy good wine and I keep a small wine cellar of wines exclusively for consumtion and I do not collect wines with the intent of selling them. I merely drink wine and enjoy it. Life is too short for a bad wine so this is a perfect place to read and compare what others think about different wines from across our globe.
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mrowkoob 93

2005 Lamothe-Cissac

(Tasted Dec 26, 2012)

mrowkoob 91

2008 Garces Silva - Sauvignon Blanc Barrique Amayna
Dicreeet in the beggining but with a flowing aromatic longlasting aftertaste of lime, pineapple and even peaches. Very different from other South American Sauvignon Blanc and I struggle to find a comparison with Sancerres or New Zealand varieties. Very strong aftertaste would pair well with medium strength cheeses from the South of France or north of Spain.

(Tasted Dec 21, 2012)

mrowkoob 88

2007 Remelluri - Rioja La Granja Gran Reserva
For the price range excellent Tempranillo with strong traces of cherry and dark chocolate and hints of rosehips and molten leaves.

(Tasted Dec 15, 2012)

mrowkoob 93

2009 Tohu - Sauvignon Blanc
Excellent knife edge sharp Sauvignon with a taste of citrus,kiwi, passionfruit and nettles. Goes well with fresh oysters.

(Tasted Dec 14, 2012)

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