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markjd 87

2004 Artesa - Merlot Napa Valley
orthonasal - vanilla, oak, some floral notes, blackcherry, some heat....mouthfeel/retro-med astringency, med/low body, oaky, some spice, slight bitterness

(Tasted May 28, 2009)

markjd 86

2007 Mollydooker - Two Left Feet
ortho- very hot, black currant, some vanilla, plum.... retro- lots of oak, really hot, some dark chocolate....too much EtOH, overpowers everything in the wine. needs more time, not balanced well right now

(Tasted May 7, 2009)

markjd 90

2004 Clos Pegase - Cabernet Sauvignon Estate
ortho- caramel, hot, vanilla, black currant, dark chocolate, dusty mouthfeel and retro- med light body, pretty hot, dark chocolate and dark fruit

(Tasted Apr 30, 2009)

markjd 90

2007 Seghesio Family - Zinfandel Sonoma County
aroma:plum, slight mint...taste and texture: fruit forward, plum, cherry, good balance, high acid but still balances out with the fruit, some dark chocolate late

(Tasted Mar 22, 2009)

markjd 90

2005 Tiza - Malbec
aroma: chocolate, cherry, plum, oak... taste and texture: lots of vanilla, plum, dark fruit... very smooth with soft tannins and a good balance

(Tasted Mar 23, 2009)

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