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jphen55 90

jphen55 91

2010 Belle Glos - Pinot Noir Meiomi

(Tasted Dec 26, 2011)

jphen55 90

2009 Terres Dorees - Morgon

(Tasted Nov 25, 2011)

jphen55 8.5

2010 Domaine Virginie La Grange Viongier
Color: soft yellow, could possibly pass for a very light gold. Nose: The slightest hint of grapefruit, but that citrus is the dominant aroma present. A little vanilla. Taste: Very interesting. It's got some acidity fruits on the fruit with a fair amount of creaminess, nothing compared to a California Chardonnay but certainly reminiscent of a great chardonnay. All the flavors are very soft and there is a very short finish, but I would not at all call this light and crisp. It's certainly got more body than the Chenin Blanc last week. Overall Impression: This was a very enjoyable wine. Fairly characteristic of a French white, but the light creaminess was a pleasant surprise. I would probably get this wine again and would certainly suggest it to someone looking for a good, light, white wine.

(Tasted Oct 3, 2011)

jphen55 8

2009 Champalou - Vouvray
Color: Rich yellow, not quite a gold, still very transparent Nose: Citrus and tropical fruits: maybe some lemon, and pineapple., definitely not grapefruit. Subtle herbaceous notes. There might be a little vanilla in there, I wonder if it was aged in oak at any point. Taste: Very smooth, and a good balance of flavors. Wonderful lingering finish of some softer fruits and mild acidity. Dry, but without an overly intense bite to it. Definitely still has the lemon notes to it, but balanced out with a bit of vanilla, which creates a very smooth and mild wine. Overall Impression: I would give it an 8/10. Though very balanced, didn't quite live up to its price. I'm interested to see how it opens up (currently writing after my first few sips). Definitely enjoyable and I think a good representation of a French Chenin Blanc, but I would probably try another producer next time I'm looking for a wine in this category, though I would suggest this to someone looking for a reasonable, dry Vouvray.

(Tasted Sep 25, 2011)

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