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jbdavoren 92

2009 De Loach - Pinot Noir Marin County
This was an outstanding wine. Long finish, substantial mouth feel, like a high quality Sonoma Coast Pinot. Had with simple tortellini in broth but would pair with a lot of different dishes.

(Tasted Oct 10, 2011)

jbdavoren 90

2007 Kenneth Volk - Pinot Noir Santa Maria Cuvee
We had with shrimp/basil/tomato pasta. We should have bought more. Very full, rich mouth feel with a hint of citrus and a very long finish, slightly syrupy. The sweetness of the cherry tomatoes matched it perfectly.

(Tasted Aug 27, 2011)

jbdavoren 92

2009 Roth - Pinot Noir
Very rich mouth feel, well-balanced acidity and a long finish. We had with vegetarian pasta primavera and prosciutto/melon. Really a nice pairing. Would get more.

(Tasted Aug 5, 2011)

jbdavoren 88

2008 Martorana - Zinfandel
Black pepper on the lingering finish as well as rich plummy tannins at the front. We paired with spicy chicken tostadas with salsa. Stood up to the spice just perfectly.

(Tasted May 13, 2011)

jbdavoren 90

2006 Talty - Zinfandel Filice Connolly Vineyard
Very fruit forward and jammy with plum/prune dominating. We had with spicy sausage (mango/jalapeno) and pasta. Very long finish. Really stands up to spicy food.

(Tasted May 10, 2011)

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