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Brookline, MA
"French Oak" is a TV show on Brookline (MA) Access Television (BATV) that features wine, beer and spirits discussed with local experts as well as visits to breweries, vineyards, specialty stores and restaurants in the Boston area.
French Oak
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Spellbound by Master Winemaker Rob Mondavi
Nestled on Devonshire St. in the city's Financial District, Boston Wine Exchange recently welcomed master winemaker Rob Mondavi, Jr. for a lively tasting and discussion of new his line of Spellbound Wines. And of course,...

Created  Sep 3, 2010

Fine Wine Tasting Among The Finest of Artwork
We've been to more than a few wine tastings in our show's short history, but few have been as unique and memorable as the Vino & Verde event at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.The museum is a one-of-a-kind...

Created  Aug 6, 2010

Fine Wine Tasting...and Tattoos? That's a Riot!
The Wine Riot is a fun and exciting wine tasting event held biannually at the Cyclorama in Boston's South End. Hundreds of attendees took part in this season's edition, which featured over 250 bottles of wine from around the...

Created  Jun 18, 2010

Venice via Cambridge...The Thursday Wine Bar at Central Bottle
So it's at least a 10 hour flight from Boston to Venice, Italy but why spend all that time in the air when you simply need to cross the Charles River to experience the charm, leisure and sophistication of a Venetian...

Created  Apr 29, 2010

A Saturday of Wine Tasting in Boston...For Free!
Boston is a city with several outstanding wine and liquor stores with many offering free tastings throughout the week. We decided to take a Saturday afternoon and visit three that were showcasing and sampling some...

Created  Mar 22, 2010