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dvaldosf 97

2001 DR Stephens - Cabernet Sauvignon Moose Valley Vineyard
Amazing wine. Medium to full bodied. Beautiful dark purple color in the glass. The tannins are extremely well integrated and bare perceptible on the palate. I was surprised to see that the alcohol level is 14.5%, because the wine is extremely well balanced. Dark fruits, beautiful aromas on the nose. I am glad I waited 6 years to open this wine, though I now wish I had more. Tremendous effort! The wine has another 5 to 10 years of life if cellared properly (which mine was).

(Tasted Dec 17, 2010)


2006 Beringer - Chardonnay Sbragia Limited Release
Last bottle...time to buy another case.

(Tasted May 23, 2010)

dvaldosf 91

2004 Simi - Cabernet Sauvignon Landslide Vineyard
This wine is huge! Lots of black fruits, black cherry, blueberry...the tannins are robust, this wine needed at least another 5 years...should have opened the 2001, but I forgot I had it. This wine tasted awesome 2 days after opening...tannins softened up and the wine was really lovely.

(Tasted May 23, 2010)

dvaldosf 92-93

2007 Kosta Browne - Pinot Noir Kanzler Vineyard
I was pleasantly surprised...still young, but impressive. Bright cherry, robust tannins which need time to soften up, great acidity...while high in alcohol, the wine is balanced. The nose was beautiful...I hadn't even poured the first glass and the bouquet began escaping the bottle like an intoxicating perfume. I may just keep my last two bottles instead of selling them. :)

(Tasted May 23, 2010)

dvaldosf 94

2006 Pahlmeyer - Merlot
Color: Deep garnet, with crimson edges. Nose: Plum, black fruits, dusty cocoa and allspice. Palate: Big, bright wine, beautifully smooth tannins, black cherry and black berries. Very nice round mouth feel with soft edges. The wine envelopes your palate, but it is not jammy. This is a well balanced, well integrated wine, with a touch of acidity. The finish is long.

(Tasted Apr 27, 2010)

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