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2005 Szepsy Tokaji Harslevelu - Kiraly
Brassy pale gold. Big fruit, caramelized apples or pineapple, soft dried apricots, a touch of "aged white wine," elderflower honey? Medium mouthfeel - nice and full for a white, but not a giant creamy Chardonnay. Solid fruit, creamy, follows the nose, but dry, hint of pleasant oxidation. Very interesting and pleasant wine.

(Tasted Oct 18, 2010)

2005 Szepsy Tokaji Furmint - Szent Tomas
Straw color, smoke and tart fruit on the nose. Nice mouthfeel, lime, hint of caramel, nice acidity, definitely has some years on it, hope it keeps getting better.

(Tasted Oct 19, 2010)

2008 PKNT Silver Collection Carmenere
Dark cherry red. Berries, cassis on the nose. Starts with nice fruit then fades quickly off the palate, short, sort finish. Decent enough for the price, but not the earthy carmenere I prefer.

(Tasted Oct 15, 2010)

2009 Pomelo - Sauvignon Blanc
Clear pale straw, gleaming. Citrus on the nose, a bit of honeydew melon as well. Crisp, light, nice balance.

(Tasted Oct 4, 2010)

2008 Veramonte - Pinot Noir Reserva
Clear, light strawberry red. Floral spice, earthy, nicely funky berries on the nose. Nice acidity, light berries, classic basic pinot noir on the palate. Nice value at this price, but a short finish.

(Tasted Oct 4, 2010)

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