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dfkcvino 92

2007 Emeritus - Pinot Noir William Wesley
Had this over three nights, really opened up day 2 & 3. Richer, full-bodied mix of red cherry fruits and meatiness, along with a cola and some spice. Tannins are subtle due to age and slightly browning in color but still a very enjoyable, elegant pinot. My thought is it has another solid year, after that hard to tell.

(Tasted Apr 16, 2014)

dfkcvino 90

2009 C Donatiello - Pinot Noir Maddie's Vineyard
Classic medium bodied, lively RRV style, tart red berry and cherry, baking spice and cola, mild funk on the nose. Fruit forward but plenty of minerality and acidity creating a very vibrant, balanced wine.

(Tasted Apr 5, 2014)

dfkcvino 92

2011 Rudd - Sauvignon Blanc Mt Veeder
Stunningly good, bursting with citrus and tropical fruit and lively acidity. Just a well made, balanced and beautiful wine.

(Tasted Mar 29, 2014)

dfkcvino 93

2008 Raptor Ridge - Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard
Bought this over 3 years ago at a tasting, at the time it was extremely tannic and tight. This has evolved into an enjoyable mouthful of rich dark cherry fruit, meaty texture, exotic spice and overall balance and complexity. Drinking beautifully and should do well for at least a couple more years. Have a few more but wish I had a case.

(Tasted Mar 10, 2014)

dfkcvino 82

2006 Atalayas de Golban - Ribera del Duero
Age is catching up on this one but still drinkable. Dark cherry fruit taking a back seat to the oak and earth tones. It would still be a decent, savory food wine with a pork roast.

(Tasted Mar 15, 2014)

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