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1982 Cos d'Estournel
Medium ruby with paler rim. Show some age but not 28 years! Medium strong fruit of blackcurrant, blackberries. Eventually more violets and leather nose with sweeter nose of oak. Tannin is molten and integrated, with balanced acidity. Very nice cabernet sauvignon, very balanced and matured. The wine open up more after an hour and should continue to go forward for an other hour. Aftertaste medium and growing, but not as impressive as expected.

(Tasted Mar 7, 2010)

2005 Marcel Deiss - (Riesling) Altenberg de Bergheim
Pale yellow colour. Typical Riesling nose though more reserved and subtle, with some white fruits. Demi sec, good and high acidity to balance. Some hints of minerality, delicious and round.

(Tasted Aug 10, 2009)

1998 Vieux-Telegraphe - Chateauneuf du Pape (La Crau)
Medium deep ruby with a little bit of tawn tint. Medium strong and dense nose. Lots of ripe red and black fruits. Some deep violet floral and leather nose. Medium acidity, medium high tannin. Still on the way to improve. Smooth and round, lots of ripe and nice black fruits with some dark chocolate and plumes. Sligthly earthy palate. Good depth, medium long aftertaste. Nice effort!

(Tasted Aug 11, 2009)

2005 Marcel Deiss - Mambourg
Medium pale yellow colour. Medium nose, complex nose with big mix. Leather and vegetal noted, resemble of a light red burgundy!? Powerful and full, off dry with high acidity. Nice on palate with vanilla and some spiciness and smokiness. Very young at the moment but excellent potential. Keep on evolving and medium long aftertaste

(Tasted Aug 10, 2009)

2005 Marcel Deiss - Schoenenbourg
Pale yellow colour. Crispy and pure nose, with white flower and is very elegant. High acidity, sweet, still too young and a bit angular. Orange palate with hint of mineral, still closed. Good potential ahead but may take a lot of time

(Tasted Aug 10, 2009)

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