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2004 Turley - Zinfandel Old Vines
cherry cola, briar patch, and some syrah like nuances. Well balanced, not overly hot and smooth finish for a 10 year old zin. Had over three nights and it was still going strong.

(Tasted Oct 16, 2014)

2001 Schramsberg - Reserve
I have never given a 100 point score prior to this and specifically to a sparkling wine. I have tried all the top tier champagnes including 100 pt vintages of cristal, dom, and krug. This 2001 Schramsberg Reserve is one for the record books. Perfectly formed nose of sweet apple and cherry blossoms give way to a stunning balance of toast, nutty, and caramel apple. Gold in color, and showing very slight age, this sparkling wine represents everything I look for and I only wish I had more. Had multiple bottles in the past two years. All consistent - 100!

(Tasted Oct 16, 2014)

2004 Barboursville - Octagon
very rarely do I taste a wine that I can't tell is from Virginia. VA is very distinctive but this 10 year old octagon could have passed for a mid range bordeaux. It surprised everyone in the room. Violets, light oak, and missing the distinctive VA clay earth maybe because of the age. smooth integrated finish with some secondary leather and caramel. Very nice!

(Tasted Oct 12, 2014)

2007 Paul Hobbs - Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard
fantastic showing of the Ritchie vineyard from paul hobb. Elegant chardonnay, with vanilla, apple, and crème brulee. Smooth and enticing.

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

2007 Frog's Leap - Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine is currently closed. It didn't start to open until the third night which means decant significantly if you are going to drink now. The dark plum, earth, leather, and cocoa notes really started to come alive on night three, the first two nights it was dull as can be with little aroma. Will wait a few more years to open the next one.

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

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