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2007 Paul Hobbs - Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard
fantastic showing of the Ritchie vineyard from paul hobb. Elegant chardonnay, with vanilla, apple, and crème brulee. Smooth and enticing.

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

2007 Frog's Leap - Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine is currently closed. It didn't start to open until the third night which means decant significantly if you are going to drink now. The dark plum, earth, leather, and cocoa notes really started to come alive on night three, the first two nights it was dull as can be with little aroma. Will wait a few more years to open the next one.

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

2007 Peller - Merlot Signature Series
soft, medium weight cherry. Not a hefty merlot by any means. More elegant and almost pinot like in feel. On the pallet there are earthy notes, some mineral, and vanilla. Nice example of canada

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

2002 Leal - Cabernet Sauvignon Estate
Past prime, had to toss out. Cork was fine but the wet newspaper smell was unbearable.

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

2007 Saintsbury - Pinot Noir Lee Vineyard
Very nice pinot, dark cherry, earth, and tobacco notes followed by a smooth cherry finish. Tannins were integrated with all soft edges. Not overly complex but delicious and great for the price

(Tasted Sep 21, 2014)

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