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1996 Alain Graillot - Crozes-Hermitage la Guiraude
Some browning but still deep red appearence. Nose of some sweet cherry but more of smoke and meat (bacon?), bayleaf and with hints of violet. The palate brings a fresh attack with medium intesity of sour cherries and animal, almost gamey. Just a bit of a hole in the midpalate. Pretty long and fresh finish thanks to the high acidity. The wine drinks fine right now. Not the complexity I wish from 13 years in bottle but a good food wine for sure.

(Tasted Apr 10, 2010)

1999 Michel Gros - Chambolle-Musigny
Pop and pour. Appearence to die for. Clean animal scent on the nose with raw beef meat and duck fat. Playing light high tones in the backround is wild strawberries of the sweetest and cleanest kind. A herbal and a spicy note as well. In the mouth the wine is lightfooted, ethereal but with intense taste. Elegance defined here. Perfectly mature, tannins resolved with acidity fresh and persistent. Long cherry finish. Lovely.

(Tasted Apr 1, 2010)

1999 Emmerich Knoll - Riesling Auslese
Bronze color. Roasted, almost toasted caramel with nut so much fruit showing. Sweet, perfect for dessert, but also its clear some of the sugar has been integrated. Might lack just a little acidity to stand on its own, but I'm very sensitive on this point when it comes to sweet wines. A nice drink but nothing to remember. I'd drink up now.

(Tasted Mar 20, 2010)

1995 Taittinger - Comtes de Champagne
One of the more complex and deep champagne noses I've had. Very close to the complete champagne smell. Sweet bakery, exotic fruits, ripe citrus, roasted coffee and nuts. In a stage where both mature notes and young fruits are represented. Just goes on. Big, almost enormous palate attack with explosive mousse but still very creamy mouthfeel. Good length. Only one small personal problem with this, it's on the sweeter side of the dosage-scale, which for me is clearly noticed when warmed or after more than one glass. Very flattering. I think this is in a very nice spot for drinking right now. However if you like really mature style, you can wait five more years.

(Tasted Mar 20, 2010)

1997 Vilmart et Cie - Brut Grand Cellier Rubis Rose 1er Cru
Orange rather than pink, very attractive color. Nose is complex with red berries, autolysis in perfect balance and depth. Good mouth attack with acidity providing a perfect linear experience. Dry style, with not much percieved sweetness at all. This is very very good. Should be consumed within 4 years.

(Tasted Mar 20, 2010)

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