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Rohnert Park, CA
Wine, golf, wine, food, wine, live music, wine.
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2005 Hidden - Petite Sirah
Not the best petite, but worth the $8 paid at BevMo

(Tasted Apr 12, 2009)


2001 Stroth-Hall - Syrah Sapphire Hill Vineyard
OH YUMM!!!! Gotta go back to Sapphire Hill and get more, if they have it. Great price. Great wine. Aged perfectly. Tasted great from the minute opened until an hour later when finished.

(Tasted Apr 12, 2009)

bigjoemann 89

2005 Trentadue - Cote del Leone
A great Italian blend from Trentadue. At $6.25/bottle, it can't be beat.

(Tasted Mar 15, 2009)

bigjoemann 89

2000 Lake Sonoma - Zinfandel Port
Tough storage conditions showed their cork nose right when opened. After 5 minutes, those aromas left, leaving a port that could have been a lot better, had it been stored properly. No leakage showed around the cork, but fluctuating temperatures took their toll. Berry and raisin flavors came through after 10 minutes. Not a drop was left, though.

(Tasted Mar 9, 2009)

bigjoemann 91

2003 David Coffaro - Neighbor's Cuvee
Yet, another wonderful wine from David Coffaro. If you are looking for a great tasting wine that holds up to tough storage conditions, these are them. I believe the reason for this is the screw cap. 7 People agreed, this was a great wine. Drank two of them with dinner. The wine tasted excellent from start to finish. A great blend indeed.

(Tasted Mar 9, 2009)

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