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Wines by Jennifer
Parkville, MO, USA
Private Collector
A global wine boutique located in historic downtown Parkville, MO since 2003.
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Wines by Jennifer 93

2009 Hirsch - Chardonnay
Great tropical fruit notes on nose/palate. Tangy acidity and well integrated oak backbone made this a real treat. Very Burgundian. Pleased to see because the last bottle we had of this vintage was tired.

(Tasted Feb 20, 2014)

Wines by Jennifer 92

2009 Michel Rolland Clos de los Siete
Layers of flavor, long finish, nice balance. Everything you want and expect from Michel Rolland. Drinking well and excellent value at that price point.

(Tasted Feb 6, 2014)

Wines by Jennifer

2006 Loudenne
Wine is tired and fruit is gone.

(Tasted Feb 4, 2014)

Wines by Jennifer 87

2009 Boxcar - Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
Drank this with a salmon arugula salad. Nice cherry, woodsy aromas, but not especially well knit right now. Decent fruit and acid structure, but a bit of an unpleasant alcohol burn on the finish leads me to believe this needs time to (hopefully) set up.

(Tasted Jan 15, 2014)

Wines by Jennifer 92

2011 Terredora di Paolo - Greco di Tufo Loggia della Serra
Pale gold/straw color. Nose is classic Campania volcanic/mineral focused. Palate is surprisingly fruity up front; hints of almost tropical flavors (dare I say pineapple?), excellent mid-palate weight, with dry, minerally finish that is long and pleasing; beautifully balanced. Another fine effort from Terredora di Paolo.

(Tasted Jan 14, 2014)

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