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Wines by Jennifer
Parkville, MO, USA
Private Collector
A global wine boutique located in historic downtown Parkville, MO since 2003.
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Wines by Jennifer 91

1992 Schloss Schonborn - Hattenheimer Nussbrunnen Riesling Auslese
Beautiful golden color, all golden delicious and honey in the nose. Tons of minerality, with some petrol character. Medium-bodied, not quite as rich as expected, with a long, rather dry finish. We will actively be consuming the few bottles we have left in the coming weeks.

(Tasted May 31, 2015)

Wines by Jennifer 95

2004 D'Arenberg - Grenache Derelict Vineyard
Garnet rim reveals age. Savory red fruit aromas, with hint of eucalypt. Broad shouldered wine, full of brooding red fruit flavors and a touch of rhubarb. Long and deep, with plenty of tannin for the long haul. This wine was tasted in a flight with 2000 Bryant Cab and more than held its own, even better in some eyes. Well done, Chester. Exceptional!

(Tasted May 31, 2015)

Wines by Jennifer 94

2000 Bryant Family - Cabernet Sauvignon
Decanted for 15 minutes, probably should've been longer. Garnet rim, CA cab in the nose and mouth: cassis and other black fruits, cedar tones, well-knit, with solid tannic structure on the lengthy finish. Drinking very well, but not a life-changer or anything. Should be safe to hold for another 2-3 years though.

(Tasted May 31, 2015)

Wines by Jennifer 18.5

2009 Kumeu River - Chardonnay Coddington
Straw yellow color with good viscosity suggesting a generous wine. Tropical fruit dominant on the nose and palate, with more than enough focus to balance the long, satisfying finish. Sorry this was the last one!

(Tasted Mar 25, 2015)

Wines by Jennifer 93

2004 Gode - Rosso di Montalcino
Crimson/garnet color with medium rim variation. Nose of crushed cherries and earth component, with hints of BBQ potato chip (really!). Bright red fruit in the mouth, with integrated wood structure and still quite firm tannins. Long and contemplative, a beautiful wine with a couple years still ahead of it.

(Tasted Feb 14, 2015)

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