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Wine365 93

2001 Clos du Val - Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
A successful aging story on this one. Color is deep intense red with brown, light at the edges. Aromas of red rsapberry, oak, dried cranberry and mushroom. On the palate, great dried bitter cherry, and dry leaves. Texture is soft with round tannins. Still enough acid to light the sides of the tongue. Wish I had more, they would be perfect to drink over the next 6 months.

(Tasted Dec 16, 2011)

Wine365 94

2008 Kathryn Hall - Cabernet Sauvignon
We received our club member shipment just in time to open this and put a tough day behind us as we put our great 12 year old pug, Tucker, to rest. This is a wonderful massive and inviting wine. The color is deep dark purple to black (inkish). The nose is of intense dark berries, cassis, and cocoa. On the palate this has ripe dark berries, lots of concentration, dark chocolate, cassis, black licorice. Just great and I find it easily lives up to the price.

(Tasted Sep 24, 2011)

Wine365 92

1999 Villa Mt Eden - Cabernet Sauvignon Grand Reserve
I was surprised by how well this held up. Mature dark fruit, tobacco and tar. I've waited too long on a lot of '99s and expected this to be another. Not the case, it was great. If I hade more I would drink now and enjoy.

(Tasted Sep 9, 2011)

Wine365 88

2010 J - Pinot Noir Vin Gris
Darker pink in color, clear. Aromas are citrus in nature with some strawberry, lemon and orange blossom. I dig the nose. On the palate, this is med+ body, nice acidity. Flavors of slightly under ripe strawberry, fair degree of spice and white pepper. The wine is a bit hot. Overall, nice.

(Tasted Sep 16, 2011)

Wine365 89-90

1999 Imagery Artist Collection - Malbec
Deep garnet in color with a watery edge. Subtle aroma of ripe cherry and strawberry, but a sharp woody stemminess. Really like it on the palate: rounder with fine tannins, some decent acid left. Nice ripe fruits and a bit of tar, tobacco and dark chocolate. A pleasant surpise.

(Tasted Sep 9, 2011)

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