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2009 Lestrille
Delicate, very aromatic, and made from 100% Merlot, this Bordeaux rosé combines structure and grace. Summer-ripe black plum and watermelon fruit flavors mingle with a touch of perfume to produce a mouth-watering experience that lasts for minutes on the finish. Ideal for grilled meats, picnics, or just as a nice cool glass of wine on the patio

(Tasted Jul 15, 2010)

2005 Chateau Ste Michelle - Petit Verdot Limited Release
There's nothing petite about this Petit Verdot. The nose is jam-packed with cocoa, spice, tobacco, black cherry and just a hint of lilac. The palate is huge and chewy, with mouth coating tannins reminiscent of dark chocolate. This variety can add a lot of bass notes and structure to a Meritage blend, but I think it is fascinating to see its power and richness all on its own as well.

(Tasted Jul 15, 2010)

2006 Willow Crest - Syrah
The rich flavors of dark berries travel through your palate as hints of smoke create a lingering finish.

(Tasted Jul 15, 2010)

2006 Desert Wind - Ruah
The 2006 Desert Wind Ruah is comprised of three classical Bordeaux varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot) that are seamlessly co-mingled to yield a wine with structure and finesse. Our 2006 Ruah is fruit-centric with just enough oak to create a spicy, toasty finish. Enjoy this wine with an array of foods or by itself.

(Tasted Jul 15, 2010)

2006 DeLille - D2
Complex nose of red currants, cedar, pencil lead, white meadow flowers, and mocha. The freshness and lift on the palate definitely represents the 2006 vintage, with red currants and mulberries supported by toffee and vanilla oak notes. 52.5% Merlot 38.5% Cabernet Sauvignon 7% Cabernet Franc 2% Petit Verdot

(Tasted Jul 15, 2010)

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