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2008 Drinkward Peschon - Cabernet Sauvignon Entre Deux Meres
Deep ruby-purple. Medium-full body. 79% Cab, 11% Franc, 8% PV, 2% Malbec (I think.) Open for 4 hours. Aromas of black cherry, raspberry, cedar and mint. Nice smooth texture and good mouthfeel, this reminds me a little bit of an 80's Spottswoode from a very good vintage. The 11% Franc does a good job of getting some "oomph" in the middle without coming off "franc-ish." No heat at all, I think this came in at a moderate brix level, for Napa. Can be drunk now and should go well for a decade. A really nice wine and a very nice pricepoint. This is a wine about balance. Bravo!

(Tasted Sep 8, 2012)

2009 Williams Selyem - Pinot Noir Central Coast
Ruby/garnet color. Wonderful aromas of cherry, raspberry liqueur and red fruit. Nicely balanced; flavors of black cherry and dark fruit. Hints of spice. Long finish.

(Tasted Feb 29, 2012)

2009 Booker - My Favorite Neighbor
Dark purple ink with heavy, glass coating viscosity. Dark fruit, diesel soot, cedar and chocolate on the nose. Rich and full bodied with young, dark berries, mocha, coffee, smoke and oak on the palate. Mouth coating, tight, chalky tannin. Long and dense finish with loads of dark chocolate. Showing well now and I imagine will get better with age.

(Tasted Feb 24, 2012)

2009 Scholium Project - Androkteinos Hudson Vineyard
This wine is freaking awesome! Black as night. Smoked ham, grilled meats, purple violets, wet cigars, enormous amounts of dark fruits. I HATE when tasting notes do this but here goes ' I think this is a Cali version of La Mouline!

(Tasted Feb 20, 2012)

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Created  Nov 1, 2010