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1996 Salon - Le Mesnil
Opened, poured and drank over 1.5 hours. Beautiful light to medium yellow/golden color. On the nose some citrus and the beginnings of secondary aromas of roasted almonds; also still some bread dough, but the yeasty aromas are melting into the background. Very light and gentle bead. First impression on the palate is that of creaminess and breadth of flavor with a medium to long finish. Though this wine has years ahead, I found the aromas and flavors in perfect balance now for my taste; still plenty of freshness, but now interesting, mature aromas and flavors starting to spread out through this wine. Wonderful! Wish I had purchased several bottles years ago ... as this was my one and only!

(Tasted Aug 9, 2014)

1998 Billecart-Salmon - Vintage Blanc de Blancs
Color now acquiring a bit of gold reflecting its 16 years of age. On the nose a bit of toast, roasted notes and some lemon curd. On the palate, this is a rich and full wine for a BdB. Its roundness comes from flavors of roasted almonds. For me, this wine is at its peak. It still offers some fruit, but has gained sufficiently interesting secondary characteristics to provide many dimensions of enjoyment. Finish could have been a bit longer ...

(Tasted Jul 26, 2014)

2011 Alvaro Palacios - Les Terrasses
Opened 2 hours prior to drinking. Very young color with lots of deep, dark red and purple colors. On the nose, lots of juicy fruit with some oak. Flavors of red and black fruits, as this wine is young and very primary at this time. Enjoyable, well-made wine that will pair well with grilled meats, but for my taste lacking some nuance. Perhaps some more time in the bottle will allow this wine to become more interesting.

(Tasted Jul 12, 2014)

2001 La Rioja Alta - 904 Gran Reserva
Opened 2 hours prior to drinking. Color was light red with some slight tinges of orange and brown. On the nose and palate, this wine showed some floral, red berry and mild earthy characteristics. Smooth tannins in this balanced and medium-bodied wine. This wine is in a good place now.

(Tasted Jul 12, 2014)

2002 Jean-Marc Pavelot - Pernand Vergelesses Les Vergelesses 1er Cru
Popped and poured. Clear light ruby color with just a bit of age on the rim. Aromas of red fruits and some earth. The same on the palate, with plenty of tart acidity.

(Tasted Jun 29, 2014)

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