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NV Krug - Grande Cuvee
Popped and drank over 3 hours as part of a Champagne tasting. This bottle was purchased in 2007, prior to the Krug ID, so can't pinpoint the age of the wines in this cuvee, but safe to say that most of the vintages in this bottle from the 90s. On both the nose and palate, this wine displayed more richness and power than other Champagnes in the lineup. Assuming that much of the wine in this bottle is 20+ years old, this Krug Grande Cuvee still maintained lots of freshness and energy ... and just now starting to pick-up just a hint of secondary flavors such as roasted nuts. For me, this wine is at its peak of enjoyment, but should last another 5-7 years.

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

NV Lanson - Brut Black Label
Popped and drank over 3 hours as part of a Champagne tasting. Compared to others in the lineup, this wine lagged behind. Certainly drinkable, but this wine lacked energy and any distinction.

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

NV Bollinger - Special Cuvee
Popped and drank over 3 hours as part of a champagne tasting. Compared to other wines, the pinot noir in this cuvee is evident as it seems richer and fuller than other wines in the lineup, and certainly compared to a blanc de blancs. Some green apple and bread dough on the nose and palate; very balanced and in a great place right now.

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

2008 Pierre Gimonnet - Vintage Brut Blanc de Blancs Cuvee Gastronome 1er Cru
Opened and drank over 3 hours. Bright and light color. Vibrant citrus aromas and flavors. 2nd time I've had this wine over the past year, with very consistent notes. This is an elegant blanc de blancs, but not without noticeable energy and body ... along with a fairly long finish. This wine is clearly on the way up; should drink nicely for the next 7+ years.

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

2001 Frank Family - Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Double-decanted, then drank over two hours. Dark, inky color with aromas of black fruits and sweet oak. On the palate, similar flavors; tannins almost resolved, but may get a bit better over next 1-2 years. Enjoyable, big CA Cab, but not distinctive.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2015)

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