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2004 Harlan - The Maiden
Opened and double-decanted 3 hours prior to drinking. Very dark red/black color. Nose was a bit unusual - some fruit, but also some vegetal and mint aromas. I found it enjoyable and intriguing, but most of the tasters were not fond of its character. A big wine with some black fruit flavors, but also quite a bit of oak, i.e. vanilla and peppery notes. I actually liked this wine more for its aromas rather than flavors. This wine may get a bit better over next few years, but I don't think by much. I much preferred the 2005 Maiden to this 2004.

(Tasted Nov 16, 2014)

2002 Justin - Isosceles
Opened and double-decanted 3 hours prior to drinking. Dark red color. Aromas of red and black fruits with oak / vanilla undertones. Big, juicy wine; quite forward and welcoming! Still many years left to enjoy this wine.

(Tasted Nov 16, 2014)

2005 Louis Jadot (Domaine des Heritiers) - Beaune-Boucherottes 1er Cru
Popped and poured; drank over 4 hours. Dark red color with aromas of red fruit and underbrush. This wine is now approaching its drinking window. Surprisingly big wine, but its 2005 character shines through with lots of structure, minerality and uplifting acidity. Glad I have several more bottles to drink over the next several years. Great value!

(Tasted Oct 11, 2014)

NV Jacquesson et Fils - Brut Cuvee 730
Clear and medium golden color with a very soft bead... this NV bottle is showing its age (purchased 9 years ago). On the nose, some roasted nuts and butter. Definitely acquiring secondary flavors. I've had this wine 3-4 times over the past 10 years; years ago this wine showed lots of fruit and energy with a punch of acidity; today, barely a peak at what it once was. While still enjoyable, for my taste, should have consumed this bottle 2-4 years ago.

(Tasted Oct 11, 2014)

NV Pierre Peters - Blanc de Blancs Cuvee de Reserve
Wonderful freshness to citrusy aromas combined with bread dough. Very pale yellow color with extremely fine bead of tiny bubbles. Very energetic flavors with plenty of acid and a lingering finish. A wonderful and usually elegant wine that has yet to disappoint. This bottle, disgorged in Mar 2013, also had quite a bit of punch and power.

(Tasted Sep 27, 2014)

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