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Todd7 90

2007 Futo - Red
Perhaps my palate was off or my palate does not agree with Tanzer, but I found this wine very dissapointing. I opened the bottle up 7 hours before my guests arrived and when if finally started drinking it, I found it chalky, bitter, and a bit too earthy for my tastes.

(Tasted May 18, 2014)

Todd7 96

2004 CORRA - Cabernet Sauvignon
Incredibly good!

(Tasted Apr 21, 2014)

Todd7 94

2007 Tor - Cabernet Sauvignon Mast Vineyard Clone 337
A superb bottle of wine exceeding my expectations in every way. Silky smooth tannins and a beautiful nose of moss, leather, and sandlewood.

(Tasted Mar 27, 2014)

Todd7 95

2010 Seaver - Cabernet Sauvignon GTS

(Tasted Mar 14, 2014)

Todd7 96

2010 Maybach - Materium

(Tasted Feb 3, 2014)

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Created  May 19, 2010