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TheRhoneStore 93

TheRhoneStore 97

1988 Veuve Clicquot - Rare Vintage
Rich nose of honey, baked pear, almonds, lees, floral. Fresh and layered, with flavors of almond, sweet baked bread, light coffee, strawberry, cocoa powder, and a hint of smoke. Excellent.

(Tasted Nov 26, 2013)

TheRhoneStore 94

1957 Mont-Redon - Chateauneuf du Pape
A red-rust color, with aromas of cooked fig, dates, iron, herbs, and cocoa powder, this bottle appeared to be in pretty good shape after 56 years. Still showing some tannin on the palate, it provided flavors of leather, iron, smoked meats, and some red fruit still hanging around. Surprisingly, there was still a lot of acidity to hold everything together, and showed the staying power of Grenache.

(Tasted Jun 17, 2013)

TheRhoneStore 98

1945 Gruaud Larose
Bottle from my cellar, opened at Pizzaioli. Upon pouring into decanter, an amazing bright red color, as if a wine from the 2000's. Tasted after 1 hour in decanter and continuously over the next 4 hours. Nose is deep rich iron, animal blood, preserved fruit, and acid. Palate is incredible, very fresh and integrated with plenty of strawberry and raspberry, hint of wood. Finish is clean and abrupt. Could have gone another 5-10 years.

(Tasted Jul 27, 2010)

TheRhoneStore 93

1995 Leoville Barton
Bottle from my cellar, opened at CUT Las Vegas. Decanted for about 1 hour, tasted over 2-1/2 hours. Pours a deep ruby. Nose is of slight barnyard funk, cherry, raspberry compote. On palate, great acidity, subdued tannin with flavors of bright red fruit, and a bit of menthol/spice. A very nice wine, but perhaps too much acidity to stand up to rich fare.

(Tasted Apr 21, 2012)

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