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2006 Navarro - Muscat Blanc Dry Estate
Lovely - typical muscat nose of floral and honey, light but complex, ever-so-slightly sweet, went terrific with goat cheese & honey on crackers.

(Tasted Aug 9, 2008)

2005 Haut Charmes
K&L Notes: Haut Charmes is a very special Sauternes bottling, made from the younger vines of the region's most legendary ch?teau. While we aren't allowed to actually reveal the source, it's safe to say its location in the Ciron Valley exposes the sauvignon blanc and s?millon fruit to conditions perfect for the development of botrytis. Charming, elegant and an exceptional value for what's in the bottle; Wonderful pineapple and coconut aromas that follow to the palate-stunning wine just like its big brother. This is the best sticky value in the world- if you knew its provenance you'd buy it by the case! Tere's Notes: I'm not as impressed as K&L is about this wine. Likely it's just far too young right now. There's a heavy minerality to this wine that borders on bitter, especially when very cold. Mellows a bit in the glass after an hour, but still the wine is one dimensional at this time and I looked and looked for that pineapple and coconut in vain. I'm putting it away for 5 years, see what develops then.

(Tasted Jul 20, 2008)

2005 Gary Farrell - Pinot Noir Bien Nacido Vineyard
Fabulous - drink with sex. Complex, dried cherries, spicy nose, light color but full, round taste.

(Tasted Jul 13, 2008)

2006 Lonati - Moscato d'Asti
Lightly effervescent, medium sweet, lovely light dessert wine.

(Tasted Jul 13, 2008)

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