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TMac 84

2006 R Wines - Grenache Chateau Island (Ebenezer)
I WROTE: (Edit) 84 Points Monday, July 04, 2011 - July 4th at Kelly's (Mattatuck): This wine never really caught on with anybody. THe nose was the best thing about it -- deep rich fruit that unfortunately was overwhelmed by a blast of alcohol. From there it went down hill. The wine was simply a monolithic fruit bomb -- something you might add ice to and make it a wine cooler. Not sure what the alcohol level was on this, but was way too extracted for our taste. A reason why some Australian's have lost their popularity and why people question Jay's scores. But to each his own.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2012)

TMac 93

2005 Oliverhill - Shiraz Jimmy Section
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 - A really nice bottle of wine. Pleasantly surprised.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2012)

TMac 95

2004 Muga - Aro
Saturday, December 24, 2011 - This was an extraordinary bottle of wine. Like liquid silk. Dark ripe blackberry and black cherry on the nose. No hint of alcohol as some have noticed. The body was incredibly smooth. A hint of dutch cocoa and mocha well integrated into rich deep blackberry and dark fruit. The finish was relatively austere keeping it from the high nineties. We had this with home made falafels, hummus, and greek salads.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2012)

TMac 98

2005 Martinelli - Zinfandel Jackass Vineyard
I LIKE THIS WINE: (Edit) 98 Points Sunday, May 08, 2011 - Wow. After reading on the label that this was 17.1%, we were a little nervous we might be headed into that rarified "rocket fuel" level. But, boy, were we wrong. The nose was an incredible melange of blackberry, raspberry, and rich earth. From the first sip to the last this was a near perfect wine - boysenberry, blackberry, black raspberry, and a hint of oak was in perfect balance with sweet tannins. The alcohol was way in the back without a hint of heat. The finish was layer after layer of deep fruit. An unbelievable wine. We had this with Jamaican BBQ chicken, Dad's homemade sausages, and grilled cheese fennel rolls.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2012)

TMac 86

2005 Martinelli - Syrah Hop Barn Hill
Thursday, November 24, 2011 - We really surprised by the inadequacy of this wine. The nose was pinched and limited - no real distinctive qualities. The body was very monolithic - dark red fruits fully extracted with no layers or multiple flavors. Overall a disappointing both of wine for the scores and reviews.

(Tasted Apr 9, 2012)

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HC Grenache Wine Tasting
Our usual group -- with two new additions -- decided to revisit Grenache from around the world. The event took place at the Harvard Club of Boston. A really great night with fantastic wine, great food, and best of...

Created  May 1, 2011

Hundred Acre Ancient Way Vertical Tasting
Our HC group got together in Marblehead to taste through all four vintages of Hundred Acre's Ancient Way Shiraz. 

Created  Nov 12, 2010

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Created  Nov 16, 2009