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1998 Guigal - Cote-Rotie Chateau d'Ampuis
This keeps getting better but I do think it is at it's peak(and a glorious one at that!) This is a near flawless wine. Ripe blackberry and black cherry fruit. Tastes as if soaked in blackberry liqueur. Notes of bacon fat, new saddle leather, mesquite, cigar tobacco, and cedar all intermingle across the palate. The tannins are soft, rounded and silky smooth. Everything is perfectly balanced. And it all follows through on an elegant, lengthy finish with all the flavors harmoniously lingering on the palate. Truly special and spectacular.

(Tasted Dec 3, 2014)

2004 Rafael Palacios - As Sortes
Mature and still enjoyable but definitely on the other side of its peak. Deep golden color. Mostly apricot fruit with notes peach, pineapple and orange blossom. Slight nuttiness also. Decent length to the finish.

(Tasted Nov 15, 2014)

1997 Fox Creek - Shiraz/Cabernet Franc JSM
Nice, mature Shiraz blend. Ripe black cherry fruit, black raspberry liqueur and licorice flavors. Perfectly integrated tannins. Long, palate-coating finish. Still fresh and well-balanced.

(Tasted Nov 15, 2014)

2001 Ridge - Lytton Springs (Zinfandel)
Still good, ripe dark berry fruit. Much more nuanced for a zin. Long finish. On the downslope but still very enjoyable. These Ridges can age impressively for a zin.

(Tasted Nov 15, 2014)

2000 Guzman Aldazabal - Exaltacion
Delicious. Mature and elegant. Ripe, bright raspberry, strawberry and cherry fruit. Complemented by flavors of mesquite, leather and mint. Sweet, finely-grained tannins with slight grip. Very smooth on the palate. Delicious, lingering finish.

(Tasted Nov 15, 2014)

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