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2005 Williams Selyem - Pinot Noir Peay Vineyard
Nice mature pinot. Flavors of ripe and dried red berry fruit with herbal and floral notes. Tannins nicely integrated. Elegant yet lengthy finish.

(Tasted May 22, 2015)

2005 Hartford Court - Chardonnay Four Hearts Vineyard
Delicious, concentrated Chardonnay. Core of citrus oil, mandarin orange, peaches and tropical fruits highlighted by slight smokiness. Voluptuous mouthfeel with long, flavorful finish.

(Tasted May 22, 2015)

1994 Dalla Valle - Cabernet Sauvignon
This is actually the 1995 I drank, not the 1994. A delicious, well-balanced and nicely complex mature cab. Needed time in the glass to open up. Flavors of sweet blackberry, black cherry and sour cherry on the front of the palate. Notes of lead pencil, menthol and leather emerge on the mid-palate adding complexity. Finely grained tannins are well-integrated. Lengthy, flavorful yet subtle finish. Very enjoyable.

(Tasted May 10, 2015)

1999 Vieux Donjon - Chateauneuf du Pape
Definitely "in the zone": delicious and won't get any better. Sweet red currant, strawberry, raspberry and cherry fruit intermingled with mesquite, new saddle leather and cigar tobacco flavors. Wonderful complexity. Framed beautifully by finely grained tannins. Delcious, lingering, flavorful finish.

(Tasted Apr 5, 2015)

1989 Latour
My last bottle enjoyed for my birthday! On the backside of it's peak. Still shows ripe blackberry, black cherry and dark berry fruit. Notes of leather, bacon, cedar and pencil add complexity. Well-balanced with finely grained tannins. Nice length to a more subtle yet flavorful finish.

(Tasted Apr 4, 2015)

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