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2009 Kingston Family - Sauvignon Blanc Cariblanco
This definitely benefited from drinking with food. (Roasted Veggies and Goat Cheese Crostini with tomato sauce on side.) The pepper stepped back and wine was crispy and pleasant.

(Tasted Feb 29, 2012)

2009 Kingston Family - Sauvignon Blanc Cariblanco
Lemon/lime, green apple, white flowers, and lots of green jalapeno and green grass. Initially there was a mustiness on the nose, but it dissipated. Fruits became zestier on palate. This is a crispy and refreshing wine, but not hugely complex and a little heavy on the green pepper without other aromas to balance it out. Appearance: Star Bright, Straw with a hint of green, low centration, watery edge, medium viscosity. Structure: Moderate intensity, Medium Body

(Tasted Feb 28, 2012)

2011 Crios de Susana Balbo - Torrontes
Pretty Fruits and Flowers. Grapefruit, lime zest, white peach, and pineapple. A bouquet of white and yellow flowers, along with some light, simple green herbs. The fruit becomes zippier on palate and tropical flavors step back, and light mineral notes come in. Despite the zesty flavor there is a rounded feel to the body. Appearance: Star Bright. Yellow Straw. Med- Concentration, grayish-watery edge, med. Structure: Moderate+ Intensity, med+ body, med+ acid, 13.8% alcohol, med+ finish, med complexity . $13

(Tasted Feb 29, 2012)

2008 Belle Pente - Pinot Gris
Pears, apples, and light white peach and very light white flowers. A citrus note appears on palate. Clean and crisp, but very, very shy and neutral on both nose and palate. Had to search to find the flavors. A little boring. Pale yellow with a hint of green, med+ acid , 13% alcohol, medium finish, medium- complexity, $15

(Tasted Feb 23, 2012)

2010 Spottswoode - Sauvignon Blanc Napa/Sonoma Counties
Pretty nose of apples and pears, ripe lemon and lime flesh, tart pineapple, with white and yellow flowers, and touch of light lemongrass and honey. The palate was disappointing, lacking the complexity of the nose and dominated by alcohol. Flabby. Star bright, straw colored with hint of green. Dry, med- acidity, 14% alcohol, short finish and complexity

(Tasted Feb 21, 2012)

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