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ShoggothLord 77

2010 Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red
Medium bodied red wine. The nose hints of black currant, plum, earthiness, and maybe a bit of leather? A bit sharp on the palette, with dark fruit flavor, and a bit of beef jerky flavor. A decent wine, but not a favorite.

(Tasted Jul 5, 2011)

ShoggothLord 50

2008 Tempra Tantrum Temranillo/Grenache
Heavy ehtyl acetate on the nose, and undrinkable. Ah well, live and learn. Had a Charles Shaw 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon to make up for it from the parents, and so much better at 20 cents cheaper. Surprise surprise.

(Tasted Jul 4, 2011)

ShoggothLord 78

2010 Lucky Duck Sauvignon Blanc
An inexpensive decent supermarket wine. Not a lot going on aromatically, but for the price, a decent bottle to share with friends. I'm impressed with the Lucky Duck brand being "cheap" while tasting better than that.

(Tasted Jul 3, 2011)

ShoggothLord 89

2009 von Wilhelm Haus Riesling
I'm not big on White wines, but this Riesling is quite good. Hints of apple, and a bit woody. A bit sweet for my taste as well, but delightful.

(Tasted Jun 20, 2011)

ShoggothLord 87

2009 Apothic - Red Winemaker's Blend
After picking this up recently upon recommendation of the manager at our local store, we had to try it once home that night. He said as far as reds go most people like it quite a bit and it's one of their best sellers. We agreed. I have since picked up 2 additional bottles. I highly recommend this inexpensive blend.

(Tasted Jun 18, 2011)

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