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1999 Trefethen - Halo
Gogeous wine. Suprisingly light body wine a lot of fruit. All red fruit, Fresh up front with a stewed finish. Slight moacha and leather hints, perhaps some vanilla. Compliment a non-fatty steak. Great Napa example.

(Tasted Mar 6, 2008)

2006 Two Hands - Shiraz Gnarly Dudes
very fruit forward. High alcohol but not hot. Macerated red fruit up front and a tight, fresh black fruit on the finish. heavy body but very east drinking. no food needed but would go with heavy or fatty foods.

(Tasted Mar 6, 2008)

2000 Cheval Blanc
Beautiful color. Decanted for 30 mins. Nose was an mixture of evergreen and black fruit. The fruit was inherently cooked and the earth tones were that of old wood and foliage. Palate was more earth than fruit up front, but had a wonderful bluberry and plum finish. Chocolate was also an undertone on the finish.

(Tasted Nov 9, 2007)

2002 Deisen - Grenache
Deep purple, very inky. Fantastic nose, full of stewed sweet cherries. Undertones of dark chocolate and cedar. Wonderful palate. Full bodied with cherry and chocolate notes followed by fresh berry finish. Vey well balanced. High alcohol but not hot at any point.

(Tasted Nov 9, 2007)

1993 DRC - La Tache
Little Sediment. Gorgeous Color, very ruby. Extremely tight, carbonic nose similar to burnt toast. Faint undertones of red candy not unlike twizzlers. Needed decanting of perhaps 1hr or more. Fruit came out at the end. Very red in flavour. Fresh tart rasberries with slight stewed cherry notes. Too early to drink needs more time but can see the promise!

(Tasted Nov 9, 2007)

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