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Samuel Z125 91

2004 Stags' Leap Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon The Leap
Young and edgy, takes some time for it to settle down, once it does it has a nice nose of blackcurrant, cherries, some woodsy undertone comes forward. It has a medium body and medium finish but is well rounded and balanced. NICE

(Tasted May 23, 2009)

Samuel Z125 85

2001 Pontet-Canet
Spicy young nose, fruit and earthy undertones are overpowered by alcohol. Taste was nice after allowing to air for some time, earthy and spicy with some fruitiness at the end. Very short finish. Mehhh but we still had a good time in the company of wine. We must be able to drink the good the bad and the ugly to truly learn

(Tasted May 21, 2009)

Samuel Z125 94

2005 Opus One
Young and fruity, needs to be experienced in its context, a very Californian wine. Long finish for a young wine and a certain fullnes that acompanies the fruitiness, a very nice wine.

(Tasted May 26, 2009)

Samuel Z125 98

1988 Mouton-Rothschild
This was my first encounter with a 21 year old first grow and although 1988 is not a high rating vintage I have to say it is probably one of the best and least expensive ways to experience an aged first growth. We("we" being a gorup of 8 wine nuts that meet once a month to taste)tasted it side by side with a 2001 Mouton and a '73 Lafite, and it was outstanding, the 2001 being too young and the '73 having been a bad year this '88 took the honors. The nose in comparison to the 01 is more complex and deep, oaky and spicy with cassis. Has a taste dominated by the spicyness and finished with the berries and casis. A looong finish compared to the others, tannins that still bite. What a great experience

(Tasted May 21, 2009)

Samuel Z125 97

2003 Leoville Barton
Ay Caramba, this one is for the books. Opened and decanted for 1 hrs. Deep Purple, A complex nose of Cassis, Raspberry with hints of plum and maybe mushrooms. Full body with a lot of tannins and a very loong finish. Loved it!!

(Tasted Apr 28, 2009)

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