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2001 Mestres - Cava Gran Reserva Particular
VERY fine bubbles and light gold, very light. Reminds me on the nose of a Belgian Gueze beer with a sour barnyard quality mixed with coffee. Lemon notes drift in and out with toast and other elusive notes dancing in the background. Creamy bubbles in the mouth with chocolate and coffee hints, floral notes with lemony citrus and toasty sugar cookies. The body is big but well balanced and comes off as a round and complete wine. Still at the end I feel like I'm drinking a sour lambic from time to time. 4/5

(Tasted Jan 22, 2008)

2004 Mestres - Cava Brut Nature Coquet Vintage
Light gold and small bubbles. Artichoke and citrus zest with a bready minerality if that makes any sense! In the mouth it is not very effervescent with a softness and lots of breadiness, yeasty baked goods and a restrained orange note on the finish. Medium to low acidity that give very little structure. 3/5

(Tasted Jan 22, 2008)

2003 Mestres - Cava Visol Reserva Particular
Beautiful bubble structure. with fine tiny little stars on a gold background. Nose shows a lot with orange rind, light toffee, coffee bean?, and much more, really a fun wine. Vigorous in the mouth with a elegant silky mouthfeel. Toasted notes and coffee beans, toffee, lemon juice like acidity though soft and in the background. Full and round in the mouth with a balance that makes me want to return for more. 4/5

(Tasted Jan 22, 2008)

NV Mestres - Cava Reserva Especial Brut Cupage Barcelona
Peachy nose with with white flowers sit in the glass as though across the room, apparent but not in any rush to fill my nose, while light orange blossom honey sits drizzled on the floor between us. A fresh wine with breezy fresh air that makes it VERY hard to spit out as I look at a still long line of wines to try. Calm and collected this is the definition of a cool, a wine understated but full of information. I loath the thought of not finishing this glass full, thankfully the finish is not short, lingering while delicate tidbits of minerals and faint exotic spices dance through the air left in my mouth. Balanced like day balances the night. 5/5

(Tasted Jan 21, 2008)

1997 Mestres - Cava Gran Reserva Familiar Brut Mas Via
Light golden color with fine bubbles. The nose shows honey and nettles with tropical fruits and mango peal. In the mouth the wine is lush and honeyed with rich flavors of vanilla, cream, yeasty bread and musty cellar. Really a complex and exciting with with layer after layer of fruit and perfumy aromas. Lush in the mouth with a medium acidity that balances to perfection the light sweetness in the middle. This is a wine to fall in love with. 4.5/5

(Tasted Jan 21, 2008)

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