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RussellA 85

2006 Red Rooster - Cabernet/Merlot
Decanted with a bit of sediment. Still fruit forward and jammy. A bit disappointing, really. Lacked the quality that I'd hoped for.

(Tasted May 21, 2011)

RussellA 89

2000 CastelGiocondo - Brunello di Montalcino
Decanted for about 2 hours. This was a dark wine, with a nose of fruit, cherry and leather. The taste was pleasant if not complex with leather and fruit and tobacco. Finish was a little short. Overall, a bit disappointing given its pedigree. Best wine of the night though, consumed at my Promotion party. Drink now.

(Tasted Apr 23, 2011)

RussellA 86

2005 SCEA Vignobles Kopp Château Tour Salvet
Appearance; Inky black, opaque. Nose; leather, damp; tar, tobacco, horse blanket. Taste; leather, earth, leaves, rhubarb. Finish; super dry tannins, bitter. Overall; disappointed, seems under-ripe, very austere. Tannins are like chewing on grape stems. I will wait at least a couple more years before I try additional bottles as more bottle age may soften these dry tannins and compliment what little fruit there is.

(Tasted Apr 16, 2011)

RussellA 89

2007 Francis Ford Coppola - Claret Diamond Collection Black Label (1910 Type)
Complex and smooth. Not over extracted. Still California, but euopean style. Enjoyable.

(Tasted Mar 12, 2011)

RussellA 92

2007 Tolaini - Al Passo
Tasted at the Willow Park 90+ festival. An awsome wine! 92pts Wine Spectator? And a Super Tuscan with 85% Sangiovese 15% Merlot.

(Tasted Feb 25, 2011)

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