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Rossboss 90

2007 I Pentri Kerres Beneventano Piedirosso
Just popped and poured, a solid core of fruit but this didn't wow me like the first bottle. Had some vanilla flavors from the oak to go with the main cherry flavors. Was late so can't remember much more. Might have "regressed to the mean" - has a little life left to it also. I noticed a little bit of a yeasty component, after preserving under vacuvin for 2-3 days that was very prominent on the finish. Interesting.

(Tasted Apr 20, 2014)

Rossboss 88

2012 De Loach - Chardonnay Heritage Reserve
Light and crisp, apple and pear flavors. Finish is short, but good acid and appetizer wine. Refreshing

(Tasted Apr 20, 2014)

Rossboss 93

2007 Metairies du Clos - Pic Saint Loup Vieilles Vignes
A stark contrast to the Dettori, this was a richer, dense Grenache, Syrah, Carignan blend (explaining the darker color) chalk full of black fruits, with some what of a metallic (iodine?) component. Paired very well with loukaniko sausage and sliced tri-tip. Enjoyed with the guy who gave it to me as a gift!

(Tasted Apr 20, 2014)

Rossboss 95

2005 Dettori - Tenores
Opened around 10:30 and let sit in the bottle. Yes, I totally get this wine. They say some people don't, but what an amazing expression of Grenache. I can imagine the sun-kissed vineyards ripening the grapes and the unadulterated methods of Alessandro Dettori. It was all there, delicious yet unlike Spanish Garnacha or most grenache in CdP. I was thrilled with this and it did live up to the hype. Leather, spice. Terrific and in the drinking window for sure.

(Tasted Apr 20, 2014)

Rossboss 96

2003 Numanthia - Numanthia
This was the wine of the day, with rich powerful, sweet and expressive Tempranillo that only these old phylloxera resistant wines can produce. Dark, rich and opaque in the glass, it continued to open up over the 4-5 hours since it was opened. Begs for red meat. Blueberry, cassis coffee, and here the oak was in full swing but in no bad way. Not sure if 2003 was remarkable for the vintage but this wine might outshine anything I know of from that region. I can still taste it in my mouth the next day.

(Tasted Apr 21, 2014)

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Clos du Mont-Olivet - Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Papet
2010 Clos du Mont-Olivet - Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Papet
France - Southern Rhone - Chateauneuf du Pape
Rhone Blend

Rossboss consumed (2 days ago)
Dettori - Tenores
2005 Dettori - Tenores
Italy - Sardinia

Rossboss consumed (2 days ago)
Numanthia - Numanthia
2003 Numanthia - Numanthia
Spain - Castilla y Leon - Toro

Rossboss wrote a tasting note on (2 days ago)
De Loach - Chardonnay Heritage Reserve
2012 De Loach - Chardonnay Heritage Reserve
Score: 88
Drink date: 2012-2015
Light and crisp, apple and pear flavors. Finish is short, but good acid and appetizer wine. Refreshi...

Rossboss consumed (2 days ago)
Metairies du Clos - Pic Saint Loup Vieilles Vignes
2007 Metairies du Clos - Pic Saint Loup Vieilles Vignes
France - Languedoc Roussillon - Coteaux du Languedoc - Pic St Loup
Regional Blend

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