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PurpleTeeth 89

2012 Sledgehammer - Malbec El Gaucho
Shows plenty of Malbec typicity without going over the top. Don't let the label scare you. This is not a fruit bomb, but a balanced, deep and very tasty wine that paired well with grilled chicken and beef. A good value, will buy again.

(Tasted Mar 3, 2015)

PurpleTeeth 89

2001 Gravieres
Rather small-scaled but balanced. Shows a flavor profile typical of St. Emilion (dark fruits, something akin to black cherry). Somewhat drier that most Bdx. A good food wine.

(Tasted Feb 28, 2015)

PurpleTeeth 92

2001 Certan-Marzelle
Smooth and balanced. Tannins fully integrated. Medium weight on the palate with a long finish. Fairly big bouquet. Will buy again.

(Tasted Feb 28, 2015)

PurpleTeeth 88

2012 Beauregard - Ducasse Cuvee Albertine Peyri
Nicely balanced between the zippy Sauvignon Blanc and the creamy Semillon. Relatively light in the mouth and palate-cleansing. Would buy again.

(Tasted Feb 28, 2015)

PurpleTeeth 88

2013 Chainier - Chateau de la Roche Blanc
This is very minerally with relatively generous fruit and a suggestion of smoke on the finish. Did not have a sour aftertaste like many Loire SBs do. An excellent pairing with linguine in white clam sauce. Will buy again.

(Tasted Feb 25, 2015)

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