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PurpleTeeth 93

2012 Chateau Ste Michelle - Sauvignon Blanc Horse Heaven Vineyard
Consistent with prior bottles, this was floral, juicy, ripe and balanced. Will attempt to obtain two more bottles.

(Tasted Apr 16, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 89

2009 Arnaldo Caprai - Rosso di Montefalco
Consistent with previous bottles, this showed plenty of Cabernet fruit balanced by ample tannins and acidity courtesy of the Sangiovese. A great pairing with any tomato sauce-based dishes. Good QPR. Will continue to buy.

(Tasted Apr 15, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 93

2010 Gour de Chaule - Gigondas
This is rich, full and complete - a wine of stature and substance. Not at all "New World" or flashy, just well structured and deep. Should have a great, long future ahead of it. Will buy more.

(Tasted Apr 12, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 88

2011 Guigal - Cotes du Rhone Blanc
A marked improvement over the last bottle, this one was more harmonious (and what the French would call "feminine" in style), showing white flowers, jasmines and a suggestion of honey on the finish, underpinned by a suggestion of minerality and acidity. Coming together; try again in six to eight month.

(Tasted Apr 11, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 88

2011 Casalino - Chianti Classico
Really quite substantial and complete for a Chianti Classico. Generous fruit framed by the region's trademark tannins and acidity. Plumped up with additional aeration. Paired well with penne arrabiata and parmesan. Good QPR, will buy again.

(Tasted Apr 10, 2014)

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