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PurpleTeeth 89

NV Fonseca - Finest Reserve Bin 27
Really, really ripe and heady, and redolent of violets, blueberries and iron, without being too sweet. This alone serves as a fine dessert.

(Tasted Sep 27, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 84

2011 Tommasi - Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Toscana Poggio al Tufo Rompicollo
Meh. Not great, but not awful, either. Not sure if it's the Sangiovese component, but this lacks drive and vitality. That said, this is certainly drinkable, but ultimately did not live up to my expectations. More bottle time, maybe?

(Tasted Sep 27, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 89

2012 Segries - Cotes du Rhone
The black pepper component is really strong but balanced by supple, dark fruit. Doesn't show a lot of CdR typicity, but it's simple and pairs well with grilled beef or lamb.

(Tasted Sep 19, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 87

2006 Gruaud-Larose - Sarget de Gruaud Larose
Not yet showing Bordeaux typicity. Pretty straightforward and drinks like a second wine, but nothing like the Grand Vin. Wouldn't buy again.

(Tasted Sep 20, 2014)

PurpleTeeth 87

2013 Burnside Road - Sauvignon Blanc
Okay for the price. Drinks like a typical SB from a warm climate (e.g., zesty tangerine, citrus, etc. rather than gooseberries, herbs, etc.). Okay to try once, but wouldn't buy again.

(Tasted Sep 18, 2014)

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