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2008 Reynolds Family - Persistence
I had tasted this cabernet sauvignon last year and I think it has improved. Beautiful ruby color and gentle aroma, Full body, very mild tannins and a sense of balance with a classy complexity. Very nice.

(Tasted Sep 29, 2014)

2011 Villa Arceno - Chianti Classico
I opened this magnum Villa Arceno as I had a few people over at Labor Day. It was a remarkable example of Chianti Classico with a lovely complexity, beautiful deep purple color and not a high acidity which seemed to please my guests. I enjoyed it a lot and would buy it again.

(Tasted Sep 2, 2014)

2007 Kosta Browne - Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
Powerful and yet elegant. One of the best Pinot Noir made in California. Delicious aroma and complex and pleasing in the mouth. It makes you want to have more after every sip.

(Tasted May 2, 2014)

2004 Poggione - Brunello di Montalcino
This winery makes a delicious brunello. Its consistency throughout different vintages is impressive. Perfect ruby color, long legs, complex and balanced aroma of wild berries and beautifully velvety in the mouth. The tannins are now quite low and tell you the wine could still age longer. I opened it at a dinner party and was a crowd pleaser.

(Tasted Apr 25, 2014)

2007 Sea Smoke - Pinot Noir Southing
OK, two years ago this wine was extremely good. But now I would say the it has lost some of it shine. I have often wondered how long you can cellar a Sea Smoke and I believe the winery says that they age well for 6-7 years. Well, my advice would be: drink it now if you still have 2007 or previous vintages! Still with a nice aroma and some complexity, but to me it has lost some of that delicious complexity. I must confess that it tired me up after 2 glasses.

(Tasted Mar 31, 2014)

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