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2007 Sea Smoke - Pinot Noir Southing
OK, two years ago this wine was extremely good. But now I would say the it has lost some of it shine. I have often wondered how long you can cellar a Sea Smoke and I believe the winery says that they age well for 6-7 years. Well, my advice would be: drink it now if you still have 2007 or previous vintages! Still with a nice aroma and some complexity, but to me it has lost some of that delicious complexity. I must confess that it tired me up after 2 glasses.

(Tasted Mar 31, 2014)

2003 Grand Veneur - Chateauneuf du Pape
Complexity, Elegance and Power! This Domaine will not disappoint all true fans of Chateauneuf du Pape! With a beautiful aroma of chocolate and spices, full body and delicious in the mouth. It's complexity changed over the 2 hours we sat at the dinner table but kept its livelihood and made a few guests go "wow"!

(Tasted Mar 29, 2014)

1999 Collelceto - Brunello di Montalcino
I tasted this Brunello again, 4 years after from my last tasting in 2010. Again, quite disappointing. Overall I would say it tastes like a wine that is well passed his best time. 1999 was a great vintage for Brunello but Collelceto disappoints.

(Tasted Mar 14, 2014)

2010 Zaca Mesa - Grenache Blanc
What a nice alternative to the abused chardonnay! This Grenache Blanc is a bit unusual but will not disappoint you if you like chardonnay. Not too oaky or overpowering. Yellow gold in color with medium rim variation. Medium legs. Honeysuckle and Peach blossom in the nose. Light/Medium bodied. I had it without food but should be great with grilled chicken!

(Tasted Mar 1, 2014)

2004 Villa Artimino - Carmignano Riserva Medicea
Crimson in color, with long legs, this Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cab. Sauv. and Merlot presented some raisin scent which was inviting. Still fruity despite the age and with notes of spicy berries on the palate, this Carmignano RIserva showed character and complexity. Full bodied, with a smooth texture and mild tannins, we had it with a lamb meat sauce pasta. Long finish and left us wanting more.

(Tasted Feb 14, 2014)

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