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2009 Beau Mistral - Rasteau
I have to say I had high expectations for this Rasteau. I like many Cotes Du Rhone but something about this was off. Not sure if it is the label, the vintage or just this bottle.

(Tasted Feb 15, 2015)

2000 Altesino - Brunello di Montalcino
I was anxious to see whether this Brunello was still in its sweet spot after 15 years from harvest and 10 from release. What a pleasant surprise! With its ruby color, hint of tobacco and pomegranate in the nose and a delicious complexity and full body this wine made me want to go back to the glass more that I usually do. We had it with venison and elk meat and I found it was perfect to accompany the gamey flavors. Long finish and tame tannins made the whole experience memorable.

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

2004 Lusseau - St Emilion
Very disappointing. This bottle was flat, no complexity, no energy, nothing that would make you drink a second glass. Or even finish the first one. I am not sure whether it was just past its time but I don't think so. Bad.

(Tasted Dec 26, 2014)

2013 Wente - Counoise Small Lot
Who had ever heard of a French grape called counoise? Well, I bought a couple of bottles during a wine tasting at Wente. Medium body, medium complexity, a very nice wine with an unusual aroma and a refreshing taste. it's fun to try something new and I was not disappointed.

(Tasted Dec 26, 2014)

2008 Firriato - Nero d'Avola Ribeca
This wine is make with an indigenous grape from Sicily, Perricone. The closest thing it reminded me was a nice, balanced, powerful Syrah. Beautiful ruby color, complex aroma and taste with lots of dark berries and mature fruit. It was the first time I tried it and I will but it again. Very good even with roast turkey.

(Tasted Dec 26, 2014)

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