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2010 Schug - Pinot Noir Carneros

(Tasted Jul 7, 2013)

2009 Riverbench - Pinot Noir Reserve
Nothing says distinctive, exciting and noteworthy like our Reserve Pinot Noir. Made with our very best grapes, the wine is a ruby red with a smooth texture, fleshy mid palate, and a pure acidity which keeps the finish in check. You'll taste fruits like cherry in this wine, with a cigar box or tobacco note and a hint of spice. Seamless tannins will carry this wine through to at least 6-8 years of bottle age. Enjoy with sauteed veal chops or Beef Wellington. Case Production: 225 caes Bottled August 2010

(Tasted Feb 21, 2011)

2008 Riverbench - Chardonnay Chapel View
14.6% Alcohol

(Tasted May 8, 2010)

2008 Riverbench - Pinot Noir Reserve
Ever come home after a long day and decided to root around in the cellar for something extra special to drink that night? Maybe you need a pick-me-up, or perhaps you're celebrating; either way you just crave something noteworthy, distinctive and different. Our Reserve Pinot Noir is just that. Our very best fruit goes into this bottle, and the result is a lush and exciting wine that makes those taste buds dance. Subtle yet confident tannins will carry this wine through at least 4-6 years of bottle age. Enjoy with braciole or a wood-grilled filet, or serve with chicken and morels if you want to take it to another level. 342 cases produced Bottled February 2010 14.7% Alcohol

(Tasted May 8, 2010)

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