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2006 Hitching Post - Pinot Noir Santa Rita's Earth
This great Sta Ynez Valley pinot is typical for its region. It's a medium body wine that exhibits strawberry, congnac, honey, melon and slight lemon on the nose. It is transluscent ruby red, and has a strong mid-palate of black fruit, strawberries, raspberries, and mild spices. The finish is tart with key lime pie that lingers for about 40 seconds- medium to long finish!

(Tasted Nov 11, 2010)

2003 Silver Oak - Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Opaque mauve in color, this Silver Oak offering hits your nose hard with big berry aromas and hints of old leather and even slighter hints of black licorice. The wine is fruit forward yet still maintains its "dryness" with flavors of sandalwood and cranberry on the mid-palate. The wine has a medium to long finish with lingering oak, forest floor, and musty flavors.

(Tasted Nov 6, 2010)

2007 Caymus - Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Opaque garnet in color- this typical CA Cab is just that... typical of a CA cab. Big, chewy, jammy, and thick! Its nose is full of cocoa, nutmeg, vanilla, and fresh mint. I'd say it was still a tad too young- alcoholy and tightly wound. The mid-palate was chock full of tobacco, spice and cedar. It a long and lingering finish with a coating mouthfeel that lasted for one minute or so. Give it a few more years for optimal taste and experience. Overall, a great wine!

(Tasted Oct 26, 2010)

2004 Twomey - Merlot
The nose is full of oak, red fruit, cinnamon, mushrooms and vanilla. The midpalate offers flavors of tobacco, smoke, and black fruit. The finish has a smooth mouthfeel with flavors of grape seed, black licorice, and black pepper!

(Tasted Oct 24, 2010)

2008 Decoy - Red
Tight and aggressive, this young and potent Cab showcases Duckhorn's ability to make steak out of hamburger. Clearly, the raw materials used aren't what you'd find in a "Duckhorn" product, but this Decoy is alive and kickin'! It needs some time to mature, as the alcohly aroma is strong, yet full of dark chocolate, raspberry, and black licorice! The mid-palate is bold and rich: flavors of tobacco and black fruit are present, with little mouthfeel finishing off the experience. Notes of spice are included in the finish, as well. This is clearly the "wine drinkers" every day wine at an every day price! Enjoy...

(Tasted Oct 20, 2010)

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