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Enthusiastic about food and all things that ferment.
St. Henry Brewery - brewing 'til the bitter end!
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2006 Ponzi - Arneis
Pale yellow color. A very pronounced elderberry, grapefruit and straw nose. The mouthfeel is silky with acidity more crisp than a deep-fried lemon twist. Primary fruit showing is grapefruit, citrus, tropical pineapple & guava with elements of elderflower. Nicely balanced and a delicious finish

(Tasted Oct 10, 2007)

2000 Babcock - Syrah Black Label Cuvee
Drank this wine over 4 days and it developed very nicely from vibrant red fruit, to more mature dark berries, black cherry and blackberry with lots of warming spice such as nutmeg, allspice and star anise. This is a big bomb of fruit but complemented by nice acidity and spicy complex notes.

(Tasted Oct 30, 2007)

2000 Churchill - Vintage Port
Initially decanted for 2 hours. Aromas of blackberry liqueur and candied black cherries with a healthy dose of coffee, licorice and caramel. The smell of fresh asphalt in scorching sunshine also tickle the olphactory nerve just the right way to create a wonderful and exotic sensory extravaganza. Blackberries with a little tart cherry in the back getting smoked out, mellowing out with the smooth tannins and really enjoying hanging out on the palate for a long time. They even have a couple more friends like red apple and spice come around to say hi at the end of the day. It is an ink bomb about to go off in your shirt pocket and you'd want to lick the shirt clean. It is that good. Had with my favorite chocolate cupcake with caramel, chocolate and sea-salt icing. Great way to end a Wednesday!

(Tasted Jun 7, 2007)

2007 Cloudy Bay - Sauvignon Blanc
Nice and crisp wine which would go well with food. Nose is very distinct Sauvignon Blanc with intense elderflowers, gooseberry, apple and citrus. Upfront acidity attacks the palate but soon yields to rich fruit flavors that remind me of pear, lychee and pineapple.

(Tasted Jan 8, 2008)

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