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OCKevin 94

2005 Colonial Estate - Emigre
A glass-staining garnet in color. A taste profile consisting of white pepper, black cherry and toasted coconut. A gorgeous Shiraz which sadly was the only bottle in my collection. Should have bought a case.

(Tasted Feb 27, 2015)

OCKevin 83

1969 Suduiraut
If you are ever in possession of one of these wines from minor vintages, treat it with humanely, respectfully and with dignity. It is past its prime and, like a dying sun, giving off only vapors of its former vigorous shine. Barely noticeable were hints of apricots and creme caramelle; all but gone were the quintessentially Sauterne elements of green vegetables and olives. My friends and I knew we were tasting something on its last legs, as it were, and we gave it the respect it deserved. Goodbye, and godspeed 1969 Sauterne.

(Tasted Oct 29, 2014)

OCKevin 93

2009 Montepeloso - Eneo Rosso
Thickly laden with dark fruits, plum and cherry, with some mint in the finish. Dark violet color coats glass as you swirl. Hedonistic drinking now or for 5 more years. Will yield a little more additional character and panache in the intervening years.

(Tasted Sep 1, 2014)

OCKevin 94

2005 Lagrange (St Julien)
Tasted the same vintage at the chateau back in 2009. The intervening years have given the wine an opulently smooth mouthfeel, a nice focus on black fruit and active but subtle tannins. I wish I had more than just one bottle!

(Tasted May 17, 2014)

OCKevin 90

2004 Haut-Brion
Noticeably tannic, with nice earthiness, tobacco, spice and minerality on the palate. Maybe a little early to open? For me, perhaps it's just a matter of personal taste, but I found the bottle lacked some of the character I would have liked to have seen from a wine of this pedigree (and price tag).

(Tasted Mar 7, 2014)

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