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Michael S78 91

2006 Kosta Browne - Pinot Noir Rosella's Vineyard
15% ABV. Opened and poured through the Vinturi into a decanter, followed over three and one half hours. Initial nose of plum and racy, laser lined cherry with some ripe cranberry as well. On the palate this wine shows flavors of rich black cherry with some tart blueberry lining. Two hours in and some candied apple flavors develop. Slight earth spices and vanilla show throughout and into the finish. Some toast and vanilla on the finish. There is a bit of bitterness on the back of the throat. Enjoyable on its own without food. Drink now with an extra decant or hold 1-2 years.

(Tasted Dec 17, 2010)

Michael S78 92

2006 Peay - Chardonnay Estate
13.9 % ABV. Opened and poured through the Vinturi into a decanter, followed over two and one half hours. Initial nose of buttered apple pie dough with linger white flowers. There is also a lot of toast on the nose which worried me at first. The palate, however, is clean with flavors of baked apples and cinnamon. There are tropical flavor with just a hint of key lime. Some secondary flavors of yellow cake with sour cream frosting show as the wine spends more time in the decanter. Two hours in and there are definite flavors of rich creamy lemon. This wine is mouth-filling and has a long, lingering finish. The fruit is ripe and the acidity is balanced. Excellent wine, well made and showing its pedigree now. Drink now or hold 1+ years.

(Tasted Dec 14, 2010)

Michael S78 88

2007 Gabriele Rausse - Refosco
13% ABV. Opened and poured through the Vinturi into a decanter, followed over three hours. Initial nose of deep blueberry and light blackberries with just a touch of pepper. On the palate blueberry shows first along with some other dark berries. The fruit is clean and fresh yet there are some really aggressive tannins from front to back. Some secondary tobacco notes present on the edges. Though not 'jammy', there is some jam/jelly fruit as well. The finish is quite long with some bay leaves and eucalyptus notes that show in most of Gabriele's wine. Nice wine, drink now or over the next year.

(Tasted Dec 12, 2010)

Michael S78 90

2006 Williams Selyem - Pinot Noir Vista Verde Vineyard
14.0% ABV. Opened and poured through the Vinturi, followed over two and one half hours. Initial nose of sharp, dark raspberries and toasty ripe cherries. On the palate this wine shows flavors of rich raspberries with a little dusty funk around the edges. Even so, it presents crisp and clean acidity throughout with some vanilla toast and cola presence into the finish. One hour in and some really interesting orange rind flavors show.

(Tasted Dec 11, 2010)

Michael S78 88

2009 Cep - Sauvignon Blanc Hopkins Ranch
12% ABV. Opened and poured. Initial nose of lemon an draw sugar with just a touch of grassiness and petrol. On the palate this wine shows notes of sour lemon with rind, soft melons and pear. This wine is a bit viscous but still clean with sharp acidity. An hour in and the acidity really evens out and some green apple flavors start to show. Really nice wine, drink now.

(Tasted Dec 11, 2010)

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