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2000 Fieuzal
Ruby bricked appearance with signs of aging, but still very slightly opaque. Strong Cherry and strawberry first off on the nose. A lively and good acidic structure with notes of light cinnamon and white pepper smells. On the palate a very slightly sweet stewed fruit front and long fruity aftertaste. Great balance and structure with some prune and ripe cherry. Drinking very well with 2-3 years ahead. Excellent

(Tasted Apr 3, 2015)

2001 Pavie-Macquin
A translucent and reasonably aged appearance with a burgundy tone. On the nose, plum, ripe black fruit, chocolate and a slight passion fruit. Tastes of vanilla, plum stone, tobacco, with a lightly stewed fruit back drop. A touch of sweetness and a rather shorter length than I had expected. Still some tannin and the fruit was a little short in the mouth. This particular bottle did not meet up to expectation by very good all the same.

(Tasted Jan 3, 2015)

2001 Lascombes
Great Ruby / bricked appearance with nice ageing. On the nose, prunes, tobacco, stewed black fruits. strong tastes of ripe plum and prune with five spice, and cherry. The wine has great a balance between acid and tannin and full fruit. Excellent and pretty much at its peak.

(Tasted Nov 1, 2014)

2009 Penfolds - Shiraz Kalimna Bin 28
On the nose strong back berry fruits, strawberry and peach. Still a deep dark opaque back currant appearance with a slight amber ring. Thick, slightly sweet and big on the palate. Strong notes of black currant wityh light leather, pepper and guava. A young vibrant wine with plenty of life. Hopefully the sweetness will not win over. Excellent.

(Tasted Aug 17, 2014)

1986 Cos d'Estournel
A wine with a great aged appearance and a very interesting nose upon immediate opening. Minerals, slight rotting veg, black berry and rhubarb. The fruit is now slightly on the wane however, it is a very distinguished drink that shows its age in a classic bordeaux way. Smooth and silky but still with fruit on the finish. Very excellent.

(Tasted Jul 19, 2014)

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