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2009 Paloumey
This stuff is good! Lead pencil, cassis, blackberries, and a touch of asian spices, all backed by good acidity and tannin.

(Tasted Jun 9, 2014)

2011 Aubert - Chardonnay Lauren Vineyard
A lot going on the nose here. Floral notes, along with pineapple, tropical fruits, tangerine, butterscotch, and allspice. Much the same on the palate, with burnt caramel, green apple, and a spicy lemon compote finish. Great stuff, and even better the next evening, with the green apple having faded away, but everything else still there.

(Tasted May 24, 2014)

2011 Aubert - Chardonnay Eastside Vineyard
An absolute joy to consume this one! Tons of upfront tropical fruit, pineapple, green apple, lemon custard, baking spices, burnt caramel, and toasted wood. Long, long finish. Very nice!

(Tasted May 18, 2014)

2006 Donati Family - Claret Estate
Nice red jammy fruits, jam-like flavors. Enjoyable if you like over the top fruit.

(Tasted May 18, 2014)

2003 Robert Foley - Petite Sirah
Needed about 5 hours' air before it came into balance. Full-bodied, inky black, with spices and blue fruits showing. Very nice!

(Tasted May 10, 2014)

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