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Healdsburg, CA
I am Assistant Tasting Room Manager at Balletto Vineyards, and Dutton Goldfield winery in Santa Rosa, CA. I'm also a student at Santa Rosa Junior College completing my sciences need to transfer to UC Davis to study Enology and Viticulture. I currently hold an AS Degree in Wine Studies: Enology from Santa Rosa Junior College.
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MattWells 86

2008 Toulouse - Gewurztraminer
Pretty melon nose, with a hint of green spice. In the mouth off dry sweetness provides weight and a pleasant viscosity that like most Anderson Valley wines I've tasted absolutely begs for more acidity to back it up. Sadly lacks crispness and thus balance.

(Tasted May 27, 2009)

MattWells 90-92

2006 Covenant - Cabernet Sauvignon (Kosher)
Dark black cherry, coffee, chocolate, and plumb on the nose that carry right though to the mouth. Well structured with supportive tannin and balanced acidity. Coco nib on the end of the finish. Awesome, but wish I would have held it another year or two.

(Tasted May 21, 2009)

MattWells 88

2008 Scherrer - Explorations Dry Rose
Candied cherry and watermelon rind nose. Medium body, with bitter notes lending much of the structure. Somewhat medicinal character, but not off putting. Could be brighter, and tasted much better after being open for a day.

(Tasted Apr 29, 2009)

MattWells 87

2008 Iron Horse - Rose de Pinot Noir
Cherry, strawberry, and watermelon nose with a weighty aroma. In the mouth moderate acidity is somewhat obscured by perceptible tannin and extraction. Not a bad wine by any means but more masculine and weighty than I would like in a Pinot Rose. Actually reminds me more of a Syrah Rose!

(Tasted Apr 18, 2009)

MattWells 88-89

2005 Dutton-Goldfield - Happy Ending
Chocolate and rich black cherry follows though from the nose to the mouth. Well integrated alcohol, and a supple mouthfeel with a creamy vanilla finish. Not to sweet.

(Tasted Mar 28, 2009)

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