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Twenty years in the entertainment business can drive anyone to drink. Fortunately, great taste, subtlety, and depth - qualities that are relatively unknown in Hollywood - can be found in abundance when indulging in the limitless world of wine. Having always been of the opinion that it takes a lifetime to learn to truly appreciate wine, I fully plan to ever be the eager student.
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Kottabos 93

2005 Tablas Creek - Esprit de Beaucastel
After many years, this wine is finally coming into its own and ready to drink with decanting. Deep reddish-purple in color with a nose of fresh raspberries, strawberry cordial, licorice, and ginger root. The beautifully complex palate expresses luscious blackberry and blueberry fruit, violet, clove, and frankincense notes as well as chewy tannins and a luscious minerality. An exceptional effort from Tablas Creek.

(Tasted Mar 8, 2014)

Kottabos 87

2009 Manzanita Creek Elegance
Brilliant yellow in color with a nose of quince and key limes. This wine is past its prime as fruit flavors are seem wrung out. There are hints of lemon meringue and butterscotch, but there is also a pervasive (though not entirely offensive) bitterness on the finish.

(Tasted Feb 15, 2014)

Kottabos 91

2008 Witch Creek - Dave's Pretty Good Red (USA/Mexico)
Rich, deep red-purple in color with a nose of black berries, black currants, spice, and a hint of petroleum. This Super-Tuscan style blend was soft on the palate and tasted of black fruit, cocoa, and spice. A very nice wine from Witch Creek.

(Tasted Feb 14, 2014)

Kottabos 91

2008 Kynsi - Pinot Noir Estate Stone Corral Vineyard
Clear, brilliant ruby in color with a nose expressing aromas of cherry cola, rhubarb, clove, and wet sandstone, this estate-grown Pinot Noir from the Edna Valley is velvety-soft on the palate, with flavors of red cherries, French strawberries, cloves, and sweet oak. It should be a fine match with poached salmon or braised chicken dishes and would likely complement mushrooms cooked with cream.

(Tasted Feb 2, 2014)

Kottabos 89

2010 Witch Creek - Teroldego
Deep purple in color with a heady nose of blackberry jam infused with savory herbs. The aroma is echoed on the palate, with dry tannins and lip-smacking acidity. This would be good with pasta, pizza, burgers and the like.

(Tasted Feb 1, 2014)

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Kottabos added (10 days ago)
Pampelonne - Cotes-de-Provence Rose
2013 Pampelonne - Cotes-de-Provence Rose
France - Provence - Cotes de Provence
Regional Blend

Kottabos consumed (10 days ago)
Dexterity Viognier
2013 Dexterity Viognier
USA - California - Santa Barbara

Kottabos consumed (10 days ago)
Dexterity Grenache Rose
2013 Dexterity Grenache Rose
USA - California - Los Angeles

Kottabos consumed (10 days ago)
Dexterity Rosato Cuvee
2013 Dexterity Rosato Cuvee
USA - California - Riverside
Proprietary Blend

Kottabos consumed (10 days ago)
Dexterity Sangiovese
2012 Dexterity Sangiovese
USA - California - Santa Barbara

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