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2002 Tolo - Zinfandel
The killer bees buzz about: blackberry, boysenberry, blueberry, BBQ. This Zin is as untamed as the cattle-rustling ghosts of the Adelaida hills, where the wine's vines have thrived in near-rustic wildness. The hills have scents, too, and so does the wine, with inviting herbal notes of sage, thyme, licorice, and clove. Firm, chap-slapping tannins ensure that this little doggie won't settle for just a basic tri-tip, but perhaps a grease-soaked beef rib or two (or three). Ideal for the roughnecks, however, the ladies of Adelaide would rather indulge with a fine piece of cocoa-infused chocolate. Either way, dusty and dreamy indulgence is in order.

(Tasted Sep 13, 2008)

NV Tolo - Leros
There is an ornithological phenomenon in the Adelaida hills whereby birds, woozy after feasting on fermented berries of the native flora, flit about in manic delight over the land's natural effervescence. This wine, similarly, demonstrates the landscape's not-so-subtle effects on one's sensory capacities. a bouquet of unctuous earthiness gives way to delightful notes of chocolate covered cherries, followed by deeper whiffs of plum, cinnamon, Middle Eastern spices and potpourri. Pick your lab of luxury: a sumptuous mud bath or a ride on the fine grain leather of a lamborghini. Oh if men could fly-or if birds could drive? So, what's in it? Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Counoise.

(Tasted Sep 13, 2008)

2004 Tolo - Cabernet Sauvignon
A bouquet of lavender, currants, dried herbs, and cherry compote-ooh, la, la. This flirty and flighty cabernet is a tease, racing about the rugged Adelaida hills, blond locks and neck scarf flying in the wind, taking on all the curves in an open-top roadster. The wine is lively, with currants, spice, leather, and framboise sours gyrating on the palate like a young, hip-swishing Elvis, with hints of blue suede, curshed velvet rose-petal, cedar, and cola on the finish. Forge the sideburns and rhinestone suit-give us a feather boa and a big Vegas floorshow high-kick and we'll be dancing in our seats.

(Tasted Sep 13, 2008)

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